Move over, fluoride fanatics: The Columbia River Crossing partisans also can't resist mocking each other on the interwebs.

First up, new Facebook group Washington for Columbia River Crossing Project got going on Feb. 25 and has featured adorably-drawn heart shapes fighting for the $3.5 billion Interstate 5 project:

Facebook group OMG CRC WTF? (guess which side they're on...) couldn't help re-appropriating some of that art as their own. (See upper left).

But don't think it's the skeptics who are doing the mocking. Site posts regularly about the project's shortcomings. Under a heading of "Project Mismanagement," the site says that "Problems have been continual with heavy over spending, disregard for governing rules and laws, and an overall air of 'leave us alone, as we know best.'"

But this month, someone in the pro-CRC camp has set up a nearly identical site, Under the same heading of "Project Mismanagement," the site claims that there is "demonstrated evidence that project staff spends more time online watching funny cat videos than doing actual project work."