There was a possible cougar sighting in Southwest Portland, and the city's cops are studying up on the art of cougar avoidance.

Officers responded to a caller who reported seeing a large animal with a 2-foot-long curled tail behind a residence in the 3300 block of Southwest 10th Avenue, the Portland Police Bureau says. The caller and another person reported to police that they are hunters and are familiar with cougars.

Officers checked the area but could not confirm the presence of a cougar, it says in a release.

In its release, the PPB suggests important urban cougar encounter tips—meticulously couched and reworded from a Department of Fish and Wildlife site:

STOP - Never approach a cougar at any time for any reason.STAY CALM - Face the cougar and do not turn your back towards it. Do not run. Running encourages it to chase.APPEAR LARGE - Make yourself look large. Do not bend over or crouch down. Raise your hands. Hold your coat open. Hold small children.FIGHT BACK - Fight back if attacked.MAKE NOISE - Make noise while hiking to reduce the chance of surprising a cougar.KEEP CHILDREN CLOSE - Always keep children close by and in sight.AVOID WALKING ALONE