The Dandy Warhols announced on their website that in honor of the 13th anniversary of their breakout 2000 album, the band will be performing all 13 songs from Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia live. The shows will be filmed for Portland music media website Into the Woods.

Except you can't buy tickets. You don't have to. They'll be performing the songs on the streets of Portland and other TBA indoor locations Wednesday, March 27, and Thursday, March 28,, at locations to be tweeted out as they occur.

The first spot will be the location of Voodoo Doughnuts impressario Tres Shannon's former X-Ray Cafe music venue (214 W. Burnside), at 4:30 pm Wednesday.

"We're all living in the town we grew up in, so there are plenty of places we want to go," says Zia McCabe, the band's keyboardist, when reached during rehearsal today. "But the Church of Elvis is all boarded up now, so that's sad." 

According to the band's singer and main songwriter Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the idea stemmed in part from Jack White: "On his last tour he went to laundromats, so that seemed like a good idea."

The band will be borrowing battery-powered amps from local musician Nathan Jr., and has additional plans to gather 13 tales about the record from different people. The album is also slated for an anniversary-edition re-issue.

The shows Thursday will likely start in the late afternoon as well; the starting location will be announced on the band's Twitter account tonight, says McCabe. On both nights, the live peformances are slated to end at a bar where "everyone can hang out and drink."