A new flyer is out, urging Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler to reject the Columbia River Crossing.

The mailer asks "Whose responsibility is it to tell the truth about the Columbia River Crossing?" and then features Wheeler on the back.

In some ways, the $3.5 billion CRC in Wheeler's hands. When the legislature approved $450 million for the controversial megaproject last month, it stipulated that Wheeler must review and approve a comprehensive financing plan by Sept. 30.

While Wheeler already released one report in July 2011 blowing a nearly $600 million hole in the project's tolling plans, anti-CRC activists are leaning on him to do more.

"Treasurer Wheeler," the flyer reads. "Can you personally guarantee that this project will not face cost overruns, tolling revenue shortfalls or impose higher taxes?" It then gives his email and phone number.

It's being mailed by the libertarian Freedom and Responsibility PAC. Secretary of State filings show that on March 21, the group spent $3,181 with the U.S. Postal Service, and another $3,238 for printing at the Lynx Group in Salem.

It adds to mounting critical pressure on Wheeler, who was also featured in a billboard at the confluence of Interstate 5 and Highway 217 alongside Gov. John Kitzhaber's top CRC adviser, Patricia McCaig. The billboard featured their photos and the question, "Got corruption?"