The city's contract negotiations with the Portland Police Association will begin April 18 at the union's headquarters.

One of the issues likely to be on the table is the 48-hour rule that allows officers involved in shootings two days to consult with lawyers and union representatives before they give an official statement.

Last fall, Mayor Charlie Hales told WW that he thinks that rule–which is subject to bargaining—should be repealed. The U.S. Department of Justice also dinged the PPB for the rule when it issued its findings of excessive force against the mentally ill in September 2012.

"It's an issue I feel strongly about and the public feels strongly about," Hales told WW then. "The public and the Police Bureau are going to be better served if we get timely information—and timely is faster than 48 hours."

But Hales' office won't say whether its still a key issue.

Those close to the negotiation prep say the issue has come up "frequently," but Hales' office is playing it close to the vest. The two sides are set to swap proposals on Tuesday.

"Negotiations with the union are about to start, and the mayor doesn't want to be accused of negotiating through the media," spokesman Dayna Haynes says. "So he's withholding further comment on that for now."

The first meeting won't be open to the public, and the rest of the scheduled meetings don't have locations assigned.