Record Store Day has the uncanny ability to break both hearts and the bank, but try and tell that to the vinyl-obsessed patron inside of you. You've probably been gawking over that exclusive release list, scheming of the best way to get ahead of the masses on Saturday, April 20, while praying to God you'll be able to pick up that coveted Emerson, Lake & Palmer box set (bad example I know). 

It's a big day for independent record stores across the country—hell, the biggest day. Thus, Portland's fine collection of stores have been working hard to bring the you the latest swag, band memorabilia and in-store performances to mark the special occasion. You might have to wake up at the crack of dawn and stand in line for a few hours to rake in the real gold—probably not that ELP reissue—but it will be OK. You're going to be totally jacked on free coffee and muffins.

Below is our weekly list of top selling albums from local record stores Music Millennium, Jackpot Records, Everyday Music and Beacon Sound, and the top streamed tracks in Portland on Rhapsody, for the previous week. Also included are all the local Record Store Day happenings around town sans the exclusive vinyl releases. The events may not be as vinylicious as Jack White's Third Man Record Booth, but Portland's annual spinning-wax celebration has more than enough to keep you busy. 

Remember, sacrifices must be made so you can hear the difference.

Music Millennium

1. Kurt Vile — Wakin on a Pretty Daze

2. The Knife — Shaking the Habitual

3. Dawes — Stories Don't End

4. David Bowie — The Next Day 

5. Various Artists —The Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver

Jackpot Records

1. Goat — World Music

2. Charles Walker & the Dynamites — Love is Only Everything

3. James Blake — Overgrown

4. The Knife — Shaking the Habitual

5. The Postal Service — Give Up

Beacon Sound

1. The Knife—Shaking the Habitual

2. Rhye—Woman

3. Justin Timberlake—The 20/20 Experience

4. 1939 Ensemble —Howl & Bite

5. Phosphorescent—Muchacho

Everyday Music

1. The Knife—Shaking the Habitual

2. Justin Timberlake—The 20/20 Experience

3. Black Angels—Indigo Meadow

4. Kurt Vile—Wakin on a Pretty Daze

5. My Bloody Valentine—MBV

Top 10 songs streamed on Rhapsody in Portland

1. Imagine Dragons—"Radioactive"

2. Macklemore—"Thrift Shop"

3. Macklemore—"Can't Hold Us"

4. The Lumineers—"Ho Hey"

5. Justin Timberlake—"Suit & Tie"

6. Pink—"Just Give Me a Reason"

7. fun.—"Some Nights"

8. Rihanna—"Stay"

9. Justin Timberlake—"Pusher Love Girl"

10. Bruno Mars—"When I Was Your Man"


2nd Avenue Records (400 SW 2nd Ave.)

Opening: 8 am.

Autograph signing with Jerry A. of Poison Idea @ 3 pm.

Anthem Records (2706 NE Sandy Blvd.)

Opening: Noon

In-store performance: Quidity (DJ set) @ 1 pm.

In-store performance: Lazercrotch (DJ set) @ 2:45 pm.

In-store performance: Chris Yard (DJ set) @ 2 pm.

In-store performance: E3 (DJ set) @ 3:30 pm.

In-store performance: Andrew Boie (DJ set) @ 4:15 pm.

In-store performance: Monkeytek (DJ Set) @ 5:15 pm.

Beacon Sound (1465 NE Prescott St.)

Opening: Noon

In-store performance: Jose Medeles (of 1939 Ensemble) during the day

Possible in-store performance: 1939 Ensemble @ 7 or 8 pm.

Everyday Music (1313 W Burnside St.)

Opening: 8 am.

Free coffee and snacks while supplies last

In-store performance: Radiation City (DJ set) @ noon

In-store performance: Steve Turner of Mudhoney (DJ set) @ 1 pm.

In-store performance: Quasi (DJ set) @ 2 pm.

In-store performance: Denver @ 3 pm.

In-store performance: Laura Veirs (DJ set) @ 4 pm.

Everyday Music (1931 NE Sandy Blvd.)

Opening: 8 am. 

Free coffee and snacks while supplies last

In-store performance: Andromeda (DJ set) @ 1 pm.

In-store performance: New Jack City Crew (DJ set) @ 3 pm.

Jackpot Records (203 SW 9th Ave.)

Opening: 10 am.

In-store performance: Steve Turner of Mudhoney @ 10 am.

Music Millenium (3158 E Burnside St.)

Opening: 8 am.

Free coffee and muffins from 7 to 8 am.

Autograph signing with The Thermals @ 2:00 pm.

Autograph signing with Sparks @ 6:30 pm.

In-store performance: Cooper @ 8:30 pm.

Free gift bag to all customers while supplies last.

Free coupon book for May discounts.

Record Room (8 NE Killingsworth St.)

Opening: 1 pm.

Hotwax record swap starting @ 2 pm.

In-store performance: Denta (DJ set) @ 2 pm.

Let us know if we missed something in the comments below!