Our sorta-weekly recap of gossip via OLCC liquor license applications:

The Nest, a popular Northeast Alberta Street dive before it burned down in a fire in which a cat was saved by firemen equipped with an oxygen mask (no one else was hurt), has filed a liquor license application to take over the former Duke's Landing space at 2715 SE Belmont St. Duke's, if you don't know, was the most beautifully sketchy diner/construction zone to ever inhabit anything, anywhere, and it's catty-corner from a methadone clinic. 

A Portland sushi battle is shaping up... in Happy Valley. Mio Sushi is opening up a location on 9757 SE Sunnyside Road, right by Clackamas Town Center. Just a couple years ago, the Pearl District's Sinju Sushi took over a spot in the shopping mall itself. Knives out!

Yet more food carts in the OLCC sheets: A change-of-ownership form shows that Loco Locos Burritos, a food cart on the PSU campus, is included in the liquor license held by Blue Moon Nightclub, a hispanic nightclub on the Portland State University Campus that holds drag queen shows. Both are at 1728 SW Broadway.

Would you like to drink at a private sailing club? In the Corbett-Terwilliger area? Here's your chance! Assuming, that is, your application is approved by the board. Willamette Sailing Club will be serving drinks to people who are probably not you, and only to people who are probably not you, at 6336 SW Beaver Ave. Memberships run $300-$600 a year.

Organic winery Cerulean Wines, of Hood River, is going local and urban with their new winery, at 1104 NW 15th St. Their website has a picture of kids eating wine grapes, which we find charming. 

Jared Gallop, owner of Tennessee Red's and the strip clubs Jag's Clubhouse and Hawthorne Strip, is opening another bar called Joe's Club which used to be called Mandy's Club, at 17510 SE Stark St. in Gresham.

Cambodian cart-gone-immobile Sok Sab Bai would like to serve liquor, rather than just beer and wine, at its new spot at 2625 SE 21st St, and has filed accordingly.