The nation remains still gripped by the rapidly escalating manhunt in the Boston Marathon bombings, as police in nearby Watertown, Mass. engaged in a shootout with two suspects last night.

Portland native and Jesuit High School alum Kristian Tuinzing was in the Watertown line of fire.

How do we know? He tweeted the whole thing in real time from his Twitter handle, @Dutchguy000.

Just after midnight Friday, in an update retweeted over 1,600 times, Tuinzing posted a photo of a bullet hole in the 2013 University of Oregon calendar hanging on his wall. "My head was there minutes before," he wrote. His next tweet shows a picture of the spent slug in his home.

At 10:12 pm Thursday, Tuinzing reported hearing "About 500 shots, 4 small explosions [and] one big boom" outside his home. "What in all hells," he added.

In an early morning video conference with the BBC, Tuinzing explains that after hearing explosions and gunfire outside his home he hid in his closet. When he emerged he found that the bullet had gone through the chair he had been sitting in and landed at the foot of his bed. He then went back in his closet, this time with a bottle of Scotch.

Over the course of the video, Tuinzing shows the bullet's path as well as police cars and the shooting suspect's car from his window.