A former dancer and bartender at a Northeast Portland strip club is suing her ex-manager for sexual harassment and retaliation, alleging he repeatedly groped her while he was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

The April 15 lawsuit, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, alleges Patrick Benjamin Schwartzkopf, inappropriately touched the dancer, Jodi Noelle Durfee, in front of customers at the club, Skinn, at 4523 NE 60th Ave.

Durfee says in her suit she started as a dancer at Skinn in December 2012. Durfee says Schwartzkopf would slap and grab her aggressively, even after she told him she wasn't comfortable with the touching. Durfee says that Schwartzkopf would say crude things about her sex life to customers at the bar.

According to the suit, Schwartzkopf also told a customer that he was going to fire Durfee because she was resisting his sexual advances. Durfee says in February she complained to Steven Hopkins, who she says is a silent partner in the club with Schwartzkopf. (The Oregon Liquor Control Commission says Schwartzkopf and Hopkins co-own the bar).

Durfee alleges Hopkins assured her that her job was safe. Durfee says she was fired two days later.

Durfee's suit seeks $250,000 in damages. Schwartzkopf did not return any of WW's phone calls.

Hopkins, who, state records show, also owns Hopkins Auto Supply in Gresham, did not return a message from WW.