Every year, in the spirit of transparency—and to make it perfectly clear that Best New Band is a poll, not an arbitrary list—we publish the ballots of every Best New Band voter. What follows is that list of voters names, titles and the bands or artists that they casted votes for. We offer voters the opportunity to conceal their identity, which is the reason some ballots are listed as "anonymous."  

As my predecessor often pointed out, there may be imperfections in this list, as copying and pasting around 150 entries is, frankly, a bit mind-numbing. But then, the entire Best New Band process isn't an exact science. Every year, our voting pool grows—of course, not everyone returns a ballot, which is why the total number of votes fluctuates—but does it ever represent the true breadth of the Portland music scene? Probably not. It's a big, wonderfully eclectic community, after all. But it's something we aim to improve each year. This year, we asked readers to nominate new voters, which added about two dozen names to the list. Hopefully, next year we'll have an even bigger and more diverse list of contributors, to make this as accurate a litmus test as possible.

In an effort for even fuller disclosure, I have included the full text of the instructions sent to each voter, to give you an idea of how the poll is tabulated. If you are a voter and notices any mistakes pertaining to your particular ballot, please let me know by emailing bestnewband [at] wweek.com.

Thanks for reading and, if you're name is on the list below, for your participation!  

The Letter

Dear Esteemed Member of the Portland Music Community, 

Congratulations! You have been selected by our diligent team of local music scientists to take part in Willamette Week's Best New Band Poll 2013, where the Portland music community looks back over the last year and crowns one group, solo artist or DJ the greatest new talent in town. 

This is my first year doing this as music editor, and we're doing things a bit differently. Here's what we need from you (please read all this carefully): 

Go to the following and follow the directions carefully: [POLL REMOVED] As always, you can vote for any music-making entity, be it a band, solo performer, DJ or an MC. You can rank them one through five, or give no rankings if you want to spread your points equally. If you can't think of five new acts that have made an impact on you in the last year, then just send us however many you like, whether it's four, three, two or just one. "New," obviously, is relative (just like "band" and even "best"). Don't stress out on the wording too much. BUT DO STRESS ON REPLYING BY THE DEADLINE: TUESDAY, MARCH 26 at 11:59 PM. 

When all the ballots have been collected, we will assign points for each band you voted for based on how you ranked them. (No. 1 = 5 pts., No. 2 = 4 pts., No. 3 = 3 pts., etc.) If you don't rank your votes by numbering each band, the points will be divided and distributed equally among your selections. We will then add up the points from all the ballots and come up with a top 10, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Willamette Week along with profiles and photos and other such fanfare. The number one band will appear on the cover of the paper and, if available, will headline WW's Best New Band showcase. 

You can vote for any band you like, as long as it is not a band you play in (you can vote for bands you work with—as long as you're voting as a TRUE FAN and not just a profiteer). 

We also need your full name and your role in the music community. This is so important I'm going to use caps: IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND TITLE IN YOUR FORM, YOUR VOTES WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Your votes will be published online, but if you would like your votes to remain anonymous, we can do that. Just let us know by responding to this email. 

DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE PAST WINNERS (as much as we like them all): 



Ah Holly Fam'ly 

Alan Singley and Pants Machine 

Alela Diane 

And And And 



Blind Pilot 

Blitzen Trapper 



The Builders & The Butchers 


Clorox Girls 



Deelay Ceelay 


DJ Beyonda 


Dragging An Ox Through Water 

Explode Into Colors 

Fist Fite 



Guidance Counselor 

Hey Lover 

Horse Feathers 


Jared Mees 

The Kingdom 

Laura Gibson 


Lion Fever 


Loch Lomond 

Lost Lander 



The Minds 

Miracles Club 


New Blood 

The Nice Boys 

Nick Jaina 

Norfolk & Western 


Old Believers 

Old Light 



Paint By Numbers 

Please Step Out of the Vehicle 

Point Juncture, WA 

Pure Country Gold 

Pure Bathing Culture 

Purple and Green 

Radiation City 

The Ready 

Red Fang 

Reva Devito 

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside 

Kelli Schaefer 

Siren's Echo 

The Shaky Hands 

The Snuggle Ups 

Sons of Huns 


Swan Island 


The Thermals 


Tractor Operator 

Tu Fawning 


Unknown Mortal Orchestra 


Viva Voce 



Wet Confetti 

White Fang 

White Rainbow 

Wild Ones 

World's Greatest Ghosts 

Y La Bamba 


Ok, you have your instructions! Let's introduce this city to a bunch of new music! 

Fine print: If you received this email at more than one email address, please only respond once, with one set of votes. If this ballot arrived at a general email address for a record store, recording studio, bar, etc., please do not respond with more than two ballots from two separate employees who identify themselves as such. Artists that have placed in the BNB Poll in the past get one vote per band—in the event that more than one ballot is returned from an artist/group or more than two from an invited organization, we will count the earliest ballot(s) to arrive in our inbox and disqualify subsequent ballots from said group/organization (this is meant to avoid ballot-stuffing). If you have questions about this, you can email Matt at msinger at wweek.com

Thanks so much! We get really excited at the chance to put local music on the cover of our paper each year, and we discover a lot of new music thanks to your votes. Thanks for all you do, all year-round, to strengthen this wonderful music community. 


Matthew Singer 

Music Editor, Willamette Week

The Ballots

Aaron Chapman, Nurses


Aaron Colter, Cofounder of Banana Stand Media

Magic Mouth

Fanno Creek




Aaron Meola, Dropping Gems

1. Natasha Kmeto 

2. Philip Grass  

3. Montgomery Word 

4. Northern Draw

5. Rap Class

Al James, Dolorean

1. Denver 

2. Industrial Parks 

3. Lilacs & Champagne

4. The Memories 

5. 1939 Ensemble

Alex Steiniger, In Music We Trust

1. Water Tower 

2. Foreign Talks

3. Hook & Anchor

4. A Happy Death

5. Mbrascatu

Alex Wideman, Talent Buyer for McMenamins

1. World's Finest

2. Shadows on Stars 

3. Parson Red Heads  

4. The Shook Twins  

5. Josh and Mer

Alley Frey, Girl About Town

1. Magic Mouth

2. Pictorials 

3. Unkle Funkle 

4. Shy Girls

5. Jeau Breedlove 

Alley Hector, qPDX

1. La Pump

2. Magic Mouth 

3. Tender Forever 

4. Stay Calm 

5. Reynosa

Amy Theberge, Tixie.com

1. Porches

2. Sean Flinn & The Royal We

3. Shook Twins

4. Hip Hatchet 

5. Battleme

Andrew Neerman, Beacon Sound

1. Apartment Fox

2. 1939 Ensemble

3. Haste

4. Woolen Men

5. Purse Candy

Andrew Sloan, Monstrous Media

Woolen Men

Wooden Indian Burial Ground


Pegasus Dream

The We Shared Milk

Andy Kryza, WW Contributor

Future Historians

Hungry Ghost

Satin Chaps

Thee Headliners

Shy Girls

Angelo de Ieso, Pop Tomorrow

1. Bone Voyagists

2. Pixie Dustpans

3. Donald Trumpettes

4. Œæø

5. Squirrel Jam

Anna Andersen, Monqui/Suicide Notes

The Pynnacles

Anna Jensen, Director of Underground Ops, Doug Fir


The Lonesome Billies



2. The Morals


4. Guantanamo Baywatch

5. Youthbitch


The Satin Chaps

Wendy and the Lost Boys

Betrayed by Weakness

Blue Iris

Suicide Notes

Anthony McNamer, Music Lawyer/Expunged Records

1. Sara Jackson Holman

2. Chicharones

3. Sleep

4. Shy Girls

5. Wild Ones

Arya Imig, Backspace, OPBMusic

1. Shy Girls

2. Magic Mouth

 3. Teenspot 

4. Pictorials

5. The Lovesores

Ashley Jocz, Writer/Editor at Rip City Review

1. A Volcano

2. Fanno Creek 

3. And And And

4. Talkative

5. Amenta Abioto

Ben Darwish, Morning Ritual

Shook Twins

Luck One

Shy Girls

Ruby Pines

De La Warr

Ben Hubbird, CD Baby

Death Songs

Hustle and Drone

Animal Eyes

The We Shared Milk


Benna Gottfried, PDX Pop Now! Board Member Emeritus 

Shy Girls

Edna Vasquez

Cloudy October

Neal Morgan

MC Rose

Bim Ditson, And And And

1. The Woolen Men

2. The We Shared Milk


4. Sama Dams

5. Unkle Funkle


1. Sun Angle

2. Houndstooth  

3. Hustle & Drone

4. Genders

5. WL

Bud Wilson, Aan

1. Sun angle

2. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

3. Grapefruit

4. Like A Villain

5. Talkative

Carolyn Berk, Lovers

Magic Mouth

Tiny Hearts

Cary Clarke, Former PDX Pop Now! Board Member, Office of Mayor Adams, Portland Mercury

1. Edna Vasquez

2. Sun Angle

3. Like A Villian

4. Orquestra Pacifico Tropical

5. Litanic Mask

Casey Jarman, WW Contributor

Vinnie Dewayne

Your Rival


Chris Cantino, Intothewoods.tv, PDX Pop Now!

Magic Fades


Woolen Men


Shy Girls

Chris Hnat, 230 Publicity



Guantanamo Baywatch


Edna Vazquez

Chris Stamm, WW Contributor

1. Mean Jeans

2. Youthbitch

3. Divers

4. Anne

5. Your Rival

Chris Young, Oregon Music News

1. Chromatics

2. Shadows On Stars

3. Black Pussy

4. No Kind of Rider

5. Ed & The Red Reds

Clayton Knapp, Wild Ones


Paper Brain

Shy Girls

Your Rival

Cliff Stanford, DJ for 107.1FM KZME 


Serge Severe

Tony Ozier

Roane Namuh

Theory Hazit

Coco Madrid, SNAP!/Booty Bassment/Sanctuary Sunday


Rap Class

Sick Whips

Chrome Wolves


Colin Sanders, Nasty Punk From Streets

1. Life Form

2. Flight 19

3. Frenzy

4. Sick Rats

5. Pale Horse

Connie Wohn, Event Producer 

1. Black Prairie 

2. Rev. Shines

3. Shy Girls 

4. DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

5. Laura Veirs 

Cool Nutz, MC/Man of The Town/Visionary

1. Vinnie Dewayne

2. Yung Mil

3. Aaron O'Bryan Smith

4. Doo Doo Funk All Stars

5. Mikey Vegaz

Cory Xander, smellslikepop.com

1. The Lower 48

2. Fanno Creek

3. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

4. Sean Flinn and the Royal We  

5. Friends of Jodie Foster

Curt Kentner, Magic Marker Records

The Woolen Men

Daniel Eichler, Booker, Mississippi Pizza Pub

1. Swansea

2. Brownish Black

3. Robin Jackson

4. Karyn Ann Patridge

5. Three for Silver

Dave Depper, Menomena/Fruit Bats/Corin Tucker Band/Laura Gibson/Nick Jaina, etc.

1. Houndstooth

2. Denver

3. Shy Girls


5. Sun Angle

David Christensen, opbmusic

1. Shy Girls

2. Black Prairie

3. Death Songs

4. Genders

5. The We Shared Milk

David Rose, The Know

1. Sick Rats

2. Pleasure Cross

3. Long Knife

4. Silent Numbers

5. Rat Party

Deena Barnwel, KBOO

Luck One


The Emeralds

Mountain Sounds

Nastasha Kmeto

Dennise M. Kowalczyk, 1071 FM KZME Radio

1. Mbrascatu

2. Blue Skies for Black Hearts 

3. The Cry 

4. The Druthers

5. The Sale

DJ Wicked

DJ Ozroc

DJ Wels

DJ Budget Money

DJ Mafia

DJ Sun

Doug Rogers, Slabtown

1. Piss Test

2. A Volcano

3. Lunch 

4. Wormbag

5. Machine

Dylan McConnell, Field Hymns

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Slim Fortune

Sun Angle

Mike Coykendall


Eggy Records

1. Sun Foot

2. Campfires

3. Spookies

4. Eat Skull

5. Still Caves

Eirean Bradley, Big Ass Boombox

1. A Happy Death

2. Desert Days

3. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

4. Fanno Creek

5. The Ecstatics

Emilee Booher, WW Contributor


Edna Vasquez

Death Songs


1939 Ensemble 

Emily Overstreet, Ticketing Manager, True West/Aladdin Theater

Orquestra Pacifico Tropical


Bubble Cats

Burner Courage

What Hearts

Erik Carlson, SoHitek

1. Fanno Creek

2. Pocketknife

3. Pegasus Dream

4. Summer Cannibals

5. Magic Fades

Failing Records

1. Nasalrod

2. Charts

3. Rabbits

4. Rainstick Cowbell

5. Red Fang

Farnell Newton, Professor of Jazz PSU/Musician

1. Life Savas

2. Tope

3. Siren's Echo

4. Reva Devito

5. Y La Bamba

Garth Klippert, Old Light

Lord Dying

Au Dunes

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Deep Fried Boogie Band

Eight Bells

Genders (formerly Youth)

1. Paper Brain

2. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

3. Minden

4. Still Caves


Gina Altamura, Holocene

1. Shy Girls

2. Magic Fades


4. WL

5. Swahili

Gnar Tapes

1. Unkle Funkle

2. The Woolen Men  

3. Therapists

4. Love Cop

5. Jerry Rogers

Goldini Bagwell, Sandpeople Music


Natasha Kmeto


The Sale

Cloudy October

Gus Elg, Sky Onion Mastering

Rare Monk

The We Shared Milk

Orquestra Pacifico Tropical

Blue Cranes

Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger

Hannah Rosenau, Former PDX Pop Now! board member, PRA DJ

Shy Girls

Fault Lines

Ian Heath, Aladdin Theater

Great Wilderness

Bubble Cats

Burner Courage

Jared Mees, Label Manager, Tender Loving Empire 

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Shy Girls

De La Warr


Shook Twins

Jason Leivian, Floating World Comics

1. Lavender Mirror

2. Palo Verde

3. Regular Music

4. Larry Yes & The Tangled Mess

5. Muscle Beach

Jason Quigley, Music Photographer

Sun Angle


Guantanamo Baywatch

MC Rose

Edna Vasquez

Jay Horton, WW Contributor

1. The Woolen Men

2. Gaythiest

3. The No Tomorrow Boys

4. DON'T

5. The My Oh Mys

Jeff Simmons, XRAY.FM/Radio23/IntotheWoods

1. Like A Villain

2. Grapefruit

3. Minden

4. Sun Angle

5. 1939 Ensemble

Jeremy Petersen, opbmusic

1. Shy Girls

2. Genders

3. Electric iLL 

4. Sun Angle

5. Queued Up

Jeremy Wilson, The Jeremy Wilson Foundation

De La Warr

Vulva Underground

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

The Needful Longings

Bosa Nosa

Jesse Studenberg, PDX Pop Now!

Tiananmen Bear

Sun Angle

Like a Villain

Cloudy October


Jim Templeton, Owner, Ivories Jazz Lounge

1. Gary Hobbs Sextet

2. Two Tenors & Dave Frishberg

3. Universal Expanding Quartet

4. Cheryl Hodge Trio with John Stowell

5. Kevin Deitz Sextet

Joey Scruggs, Duff's Garage

1. tell mama: etta james tribute

2.  rae gordon band  

3.  hank shreve band

4. chap rupp band

5. ben rice band

John B. Jones, KZME & KBOO

1939 Ensemble

Michael The Blind

The Woolen Men

The Shook Twins

Anna and the Underbelly

John Chandler, Portland Monthly 

The Pynnacles


Magnetic Health Factory

The Sellwoods

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

John Sherman, Red Fang


Lord Dying



Hungry Ghost

John Vecchiarelli, Portland Musician Anna Tivol & the Underbelly

Huck Notari

Laura Veirs

Death Songs

Barry Brusseau

Jonathan Frochtzwajg, WW Contributor/PDX Pop Now! development coordinator

Vice Device

Shy Girls

Sun Angle

Litanic Mask

Like a Villain

Jose De Lara, Drunk Dad Prizehog


Concrete Floor

Tiny Knives


Josh Spacek, Monarques

The Cry!

Justin Cate, heyLOW Entertainment

1. Minden

2. Shy Girls

3. Sun Angle

4. Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger

5. Thanks

Justin Koleszar, Director of music videos

Sun Angle

Jarad Miles 

Justin Stimson (Mustin Douch), Live Music Booker@The Foggy Notion/Local Rawker


Young Dad




Kaytea Moreno elst, xo publicity

white orange

the greater midwest

the hague

dark country


Kenny Fresh, Fresh Selects

1. Cassow

2. Natasha Kmeto

3.Vinnie DeWayne

4. Stewart Villain 

5. Mic Capes

Kenric Ashe, dBMonkey


Sexy Water Spiders

Old Hand

Lauren K. Newman, LKN

Gone to Croatan

Sei Hexe

Hot Victory


Fist Fite

Leigh Feldman, LifeisaParty

Natasha Kmeto

Shy Girls

Luck One

Serge Severe


Lex Chase, Pampelmoose blogger, promoter 

1. Shy Girls

2. Natasha Kmeto

3. Minden 

4. Thanks

5. Adventure Galley 

Lisa Lepine ProMotion Queen, Creative Industry 

1. Brownish Black

2. Worth 

3. Medicine for the People

4. Chervona

5. Anna Tivel

Malia Slusarenko, Jackpot Records

Deep Fried Boogie Band

Witch Mountain



Satin Chaps 3

Manny Reyes, Atole / Brain Crush / Superfest / Time Arts Club






Marius Libman, Copy / Sun Angle



Like A Villain



Mark Phillips, Event Coordinator @ White Owl Social Club Drunk Dad

Eat Skull 2.0


Litanic Mask

Rabbits as grown ups

Mark Stock, WW Contributor

1. The Woolen Men

2. Dana Buoy 

3. Parenthetical Girls 

4. Pony Village 

5. The We Shared Milk

Matt Brown, Bunk


the ecstatics




Matt Dabrowiak, Dat'r, GALLONS, Binary Dolls, Menomena, Parenthetical Girls


2. Golden Retriever

3. Experimental Dental School 

4. Shy Girls

5. Slim Fortune

Matt Johnson, The Secret Society

1. Pete Krebs and his Portland Playboys 

2. Tezeta Band

3. Satin Chaps

4. Midnight Serenaders

5. Brownish Black

Matt King, Mississippi Studios

1. Genders

2. Vinnie Dewayne

3. Federale

4. Shy Girls

5. Bruxa

Matt Manza, MusicfestNW 

Lord Dying

Nucular Animals

The We Shared Milk


Bear & Moose

Matt Slessler, PBR


Matthew McLean, Monqui Presents Shy Girls

The Ecstatics

The Suicide Notes


Alialujah Choir

Matthew Ross, Filmmaker/Music Video Director

1. A Volcano

2. The We Shared Milk 

3. Sapient

4. The Lower 48

5. Dirty Looks

Matthew Singer, WW Music Editor

1. The We Shared Milk

2. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

3. Natasha Kmeto

4. Shy Girls

5. Sun Angle

Mayhaw Hoons, The Shaky Hands

the woolen men

paper brain

your rival

death songs

Megan Welling, Buffalo Gap Booking


Lost and Found

Frame By Frame

Tim Snider

Urban Subs

Michael Fitzgerlad, Reverb Records


The Hugs

Satin Chaps

We Miss the Earth

The Woolen Men

Michele V Motta, Club 21 - Booking & Promotion

The Pynnacles

Dangerous Boys Club



Black Pussy

Mitch Lillie, WW Contributor

Philip Grass

Magic Fades

Natasha Kmeto


DJ Shinhwa

Nalin Silva, Kelly's Olympian

Fanno Creek



The We Shared Milk

Souvenir Driver

Nathan Baumgartner, And And And

the we shared milk


sun angle

woolen men

log across the washer

Nathan Carson, Nanotear Booking/WItch Mountain/WW Contributor

1. Usnea

2. Eight Bells  

3. Burials

4. Ephemeros

5. Holy Grove

Nathan Walker, Riot Act Media

1. Raymond Byron & the White Freighter 

2. WL

3. 1939 Ensemble

4. Goodnight Billygoat

5. Houndstooth

Nicholas Johnson, Willamette Week/Former PDX Pop Now! Board Member

Shy Girls

Magic Fades

Phone Call

The Shivas

The Woolen Men

Nilina Mason-Campbell, Freelance writer, photographer and hostess

1. Magic Mouth 

2. IBQT 

3. Unkle Funkle 

4. Goodwin

5. The Ecstatics

Noah Porter, Music Video Director

1. TXE

2. Vinnie Dewayne

3. Cassow

4. Shy Girls

5. Luck-One

Papi Fimbres, Musician/Producer

electric ill

death songs

1939 ensemble


fake fireplace

Patrick Foss, Übertastemaker



No Tomorrow Boys


Sex Crime

Peter Sampson, KPSU On-Air Personality 

Unkle Funkle

Tiger House

Adventure Galley

Peter Vaughan Shaver, Sound Advice Legal Services

1. The Lovesores

2. The Pynnacles

3. Black Pussy

4. Gaytheist

5. Brownish Black

PJ Portlock, Producer kknd Vinyl Enthusiast

Natasha Kmeto


Ben Tactic



Pure Bathing Culture

1. Shy Girls

Rachel Milbauer, Rip City Review

Death Songs


Fanno Creek

Animal Eyes

Shy Girls

Rachelle Schmid, KPSU "That Live Show" 


Acoustic Minds

The Lower 48


No More Parachutes

Robert Ham, WW Contributor

Eight Bells

Natasha Kmeto

The Tenses



Ryan Krellwitz, Manager, Booker, Promoter at Stantonova

1. Like A Villian

2. Father Figure

3. Amenta Abioto

4. HeadShapes  

5. World Radiant

Ryan Dornfeld, CEO/Editor-in-Chief, ELEVEN PDX Magazine

1. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

2. The We Shared Milk

3. WL

4. Minden

5. Tiger House/Hustle and Drone/Sun Angle

Ryan Feigh, Freelance Writer


Vinnie Dewayne

Mic Capes


Orquestra Pacifico Tropical

Ryan Messick, Tour Manager - Blind Pilot // TM Asst - Edward Sharpe

1. Black Prairie 

2. The Alialujah Choir

3. Houndstooth

4. Tango Alpha Tango

5. Lesser Bangs

Ryan Northrop, Sons of Huns


Turbo Perfecto

Old Kingdom


Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Ryan Sollee, Builders & the Butchers

1. Federale

2. Boors

3. Midlo

4. Great Wilderness  

5. Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside


The We Shared Milk

Electric Ill


Moon By You

Sam Densmore, Musician/Firkin Tavern booker

1. Bubblecats

2. Bison Bison

3. Child Children

4. Headshapes

5. Harvey Girls

Scott McLean, Holocene

1. Shy Girls

2. Magic Fades



5. Minden

Shay Davis, KPSU

1. The Sorry Devils

2. Guantanamo Baywatch

3. Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners

4. Haley Heynderickx

5. PDX Funkaholics

Shelley Bowers, Bartender at Someday Lounge, independent booker

1. Tiny Lady

2. 1939 Ensemble

3. Sun Angle

4. Hustle and Drone

5. Holy Grove

Skyler Norwood, Producer

Rare Monk

Bubble Cats

Great Wilderness

Sara Jackson Holman

Huck Notari

SP Clarke, Buko Magazine

Wilkinson Blades


Boo Frog

Sara Jackson-Holman

Stephanie Ryan, Mississippi Studios

Hot Victory

Daniel Hunt

1939 Ensemble


Terah Beth, Hey Lover

Pataha Hiss

Surfs Drugs

Terry Currier, Music Millennium

1. Ramona Falls

2. Wilkinson Blades  

3. Satin Chaps

4. Brooks Robertson

5. Denver

Theo Craig, Smoke Signals, Rontoms Sunday Sessions, There Ain't Nothing Going On Here (Podcast)

Sun Angle



The Woolen Men

Death Songs

Tim Janchar, Hovercraft Records

nucular aminals

youth bitch

the shivas

surfs drugs

Mythological Horses

Todd Berry, Grey Day Productions




Orchestra Pacifico

Sam Humans

Todd Fadel, Ex-Meow Meow Booker

1. Magic Mouth

2. Slang

3. Hannah Glavor

4. Sleepheart

5. Albatross

Tom D'Antoni, Oregon Music News

Roseland Hunters

George Colligan

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble Vulva Underground

Gunga Galunga

Tony Mengis, East End





5. LAST 45's

Tony Prato, Independent Booker

The Woolen Men

Sad Horse

Like a Villain


Rat Party

Trevor Solomon, MFNW Director


Wooden Indian Burial Ground


Magic Fades


Whitey McConnaughy, Music Video Director

1. Gaytheist

2. Lord Dying

3. Youth Bitch

4. Young Turks

5. The Ax

Wild Ones


Paper Brain

Shy Girls

Your Rival

Zaph Mann, Radio23, 39th July Records, In Memory Of John Peel Show


Leviticus Appleton


Sam Humans

The Harvey Girls