Wednesday, May 15

White Fang, Colleen Green, Heavy Hawaii, Comaserfs

[PUNK] Spazzy Portland punks White Fang headline this showcase of West Coast basement-party upstarts. Make sure to get there early for San Diego surf-wavers Heavy Hawaii and, especially, L.A.'s Colleen Green, whose dreamy bedroom pop-punk plays like a stonier version of Best Coast. Star Theater, 13 NW 6th Ave. 9 pm. $8. 21+.

Thursday, May 16

Thursday Hip Hop Series: Neighbors

[HIP-HOP] Portland hip-hop hasn't had a loving home for years, so it's nice to see the Blue Monk stepping in and showcasing some fine local artists on Thursday nights. Having already hosted TxE and iAME (you kids and your crazy capitalization!), it's now time for the Monk to put some funk in its crunk-trunk. Neighbors' strand of full-band hip-hop recalls 311 and A Tribe Called Quest, and it's a perfect fit for both patchouli-soaked Southeast Portland and the jazz-loving venue. With the Excellent Gentlemen (not really a hip-hop outfit, but pretty awesome) and the Chicharones showing up later this month, Thursdays at the Monk looks poised to become a pretty cool tradition. CASEY JARMAN. Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont St., 595-0575. 9 pm. 21+. Call venue for ticket information.

Friday, May 17

Live Undead (Slayer Tribute)

[METAL FACSIMILE] Ex-Everclear bassist Craig Montoya—yes, that guy—heads up this tribute to Satan's heaviest helpers. A few weeks ago, this show may have seemed somewhat innocuous, but given the recent death of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, the phrase "tribute act" takes on an entirely new meaning. The Analog, 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 432-8079. 21+. Call venue for more information.

A Simple Colony

[AMBIENT POP] A collaboration between Lara Mitchell of the Stolen Sweets and Portland Gay Men's Chorus member Michael Dodson, A Simple Colony plays moody, intricately layered pop with jazz and classical accents. Here, the band releases its debut EP, Make It Start. Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan St., 223-4527. 8 pm. $10 advance, $12 day of show. 21+.   

Saturday, May 18

Uncle Bonsai

[A LILT IN THE ATTIC] The absurdly elongated tenures of modern folkies notwithstanding, Uncle Bonsai has enjoyed a remarkable longevity—even passing the Roches for perseverance—despite satirical sensibilities all but guaranteed to age poorly and careerist ambitions half-hearted at best. Collegiate sensations from that moment 'round 1981 when an undergrad trio first wed deceptively angelic harmonies to rather earthier themes, their vocal talents and moments of genuine wit hardly compensate for the self-congratulatory sheen meant to flatter the cleverness of their audience. The subsequent spread of popularity well beyond what should've only ever been the most insufferable elements of liberal arts elites could likely be blamed upon the long media shadow cast by their superfine; Bennington brought us Bret Easton Ellis as well, mind. Still, however immaculate their niche stardom, the Seattleites couldn't have wished to spend their next three decades touring "Cheerleaders On Drugs" and, after a handful of retirements failed to take (for two of the original members, anyway), they're now hawking bedtime stories for grown-ups alongside 2010 collection of choral whimsy The Grim Parade. Publish or perish, we suppose, though the choices needn't be mutually exclusive. JAY HORTON. Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta St., 719-6055. 8 pm. $17 advance, $20 day of show. Under 21 permitted with legal guardian.

Mic Crenshaw, Redray Frazier, Fingerpaint Afro Jazz, DJ Deff Ro

[HIP-HOP] The veteran Portland MC celebrates the release of Bionic Metal—a teaser EP for his upcoming full-length—on which Crenshaw delivers his tough street tales over big drums and distorted guitars for a rock-rap fusion that's more Tougher Than Leather than Linkin Park. He'll also premiere the video for the track "Free Your Mind." The Know, 2026 NE Alberta St., 473-8729. 8 pm. 21+. Call venue for ticket information. 

Don & the Quixotes, Fruit of the Legion of Loom, Ghost Train

[OFF-KILTER ROCK] A double album release for two artists on the Portland fringes: Don and the Quixotes, self-described as a "17th century Spanish literature themed surf rock wedding and party band," who are celebrating their second record, Teflon Don; and Fruit of the Legion of Loom, a vaguely Primus-y hard rock act that's been kicking around for about a decade and is just now getting around to releasing its debut, Mandatory Genocide. Kenton Club. 2025 N Kilpatrick St., 285-3718. 9:30 pm. Free. 21+.

Sunday, May 19

The Shivas, the Beets, Awkward Energy

[GARAGE POP] True fans of the Shivas have already heard the songs on their second album a dozen times over, either through seeing the quartet's sensational live show or by purchasing a copy of Whiteout! on cassette via Burger Records. Now, thanks to the Shivas' new relationship with Olympia's K Records and the extensive tour schedule the band always seems to be on, it's time for the rest of the known universe to get caught up. At times, they feel connected to the thudding swirl of K's signature band, Beat Happening—check out the low, Link Wray fuzz slathered on "Living and Dying Like Horatio Alger" or the organ-punctuated clamor of "Kissed in the Face." Of course, given their chosen sound, the bruises of influence are always going to be visible on the Shivas' collective person. That the band doesn't sink under the weight into pure pastiche is a testament to its smart songwriting and rascally energy. This show kicks off the Shivas' national tour opening for the Dandy Warhols. ROBERT HAM. Record Room, 8 NE Killingsworth St. 8 pm. $6. 21+.

Alela Diane, Vikesh Kapoor, Barna Howard

[FOLK] For her first hometown show of the year, Alela Diane—Portland's high-priestess of modern folk—is playing the 150-seat church-cum-theater Portland Playhouse. The strikingly intimate gig kicks off Mama Bird Recording Company's quarterly series of concerts held in unorthodox venues. Diane self-releases her new album, About Farewell, on June 25. Portland Playhouse, 602 NE Prescott St., 488-5822. 8 pm. $14 advance, $16 day of show. All ages.

Also this week, Radiation City releases its anticipated second album, Animals in the Median, on Tender Loving Empire. The album comes out Tuesday, but aside from an in-store gig at Music Millennium on May 21, the indie-pop quintet (and Best New Band 2012 winners) don't play Portland until June 28 at Wonder Ballroom for its official release show. Meanwhile, you can stream the album below, and check out a track from the upcoming RadCity remix album, A Different Animal, here.