As reported today on our website, only 21.5% of ballots for this year's May special election had been received as of the end of the day on Friday, May 17. 

That means that as many as 78.5% of you hadn't turned in your ballots, a mere four days before the ballot deadline of 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 21. With a ballot that includes the ever-contentious water fluoridation referendum, those are some mighty low numbers even for an odd-year election. 

We hope you've examined each issue and candidate carefully. We hope in particular that you've already read through our endorsements, weighed the reasons behind them, and come to your own conclusions.

But for all you latecomers, and for those with short memories, here's a quick-reference guide to Willamette Week's 2013 endorsements, with links to the reasoning behind each endorsement. 

And remember: if you haven't turned in your ballot yet, you'll be wanting to do so in person, at county elections or an official drop site, by tomorrow at 8 pm. Happy voting!

Willamette Week's Endorsements at a Glance: 


Portland Public Schools: 

Portland Community College: 

Multnomah Education Service District: