More than 4,000 people have signed up for an anti-Monsanto march in Northeast Portland this Saturday.

A Facebook event listing bills the event as a peaceful march against the ever-growing pervasiveness of the megacompany's GMO seeds in foods and farming.

"Monsanto has put corporate profit before the welfare of families and the environment by failing to honestly represent the facts about GMOs and the science behind them," the page reads.

The page says that GMO foods have been tied to cancer, infertility and birth defects, as well as environmental crisis including honey bee colony collapse.

The event is set to start at 11 am Saturday at Holladay Park and will include a march through the Lloyd District. It's one of dozens of anti-Monsanto marches being held nationwide this Saturday.

In the comments section, organizer Tiffany Ayers explains that marching on the east side instead of downtown was a deliberate choice.

"There are barely any chain restaurants downtown but a plethora of them around the mall," Ayers writes. "Do we want to preach to the choir or raise awareness? Downtown is used to this."

Organizers are billing it as a family event and bans people from bringing "weapons of any kind."

Portland Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson says the bureau is aware of the march and has been working with organizers.