The Béisbol brothers, Jeff and Ryan Burian, have a knack for wringing the dampness out of Portland's lingering late spring days. It's not surprising, then, that they hail from Southern California's sunny climes. 

"That Feeling," the first track off their forthcoming debut full-length Lo-Fi Cocaine, is a sonic shot of Vitamin C, its shimmery synths and subtle bass-funk given extra sheen by the siblings' warm, yacht rock-righteous harmonies. If the lyrics—a frustrated rundown of "tired of [fill in the blank]"—aren't all fuzzy bunnies and rainbows, the music doesn't let on: breezy loops, retro textures and silky beats snap the Burians out of it come chorus time, and the eureka moment: "Because I could be all I need/Because I could be all you need." If this summer-ready pop jam is any indication, Béisbol speaks truth.

Lo-Fi Cocaine is out June 25. Its record release show is at Rontoms on June 30.