It was bound to happen: Portland's most famously bespectacled former mayor, Sam Adams, now has his own custom style that anyone can now buy.

Adams, whose thick-rimmed hipster glasses put him in the four-eyed company of Buddy Holly and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, has a new model designed by EDA, or Eyewear Design Alliance. 

Word of the frames went out first on Twitter via Sarah Mirk of Bitch Magazine, who linked to the two sentence announcement on EDA's website. The Portland-based company started this year, and reached out to Adams because of his signature style.

"The frame he's wearing, it's called the Sam Adams," EDA President Paul Vu tells WW. "There's going to be a lot of people wearing Sam on their face."

The frames are made out of buffalo horn, which Vu says is a "sustainable, natural product." "We thought that would be cool, too because this is Portland," he says.

EDA brought Adams hundreds of options and tried several out before settling on this pair, which was then modified to custom-fit Adam's eyes, ears, nose and color choice.

The company does wholesale retail of its frames, and Vu says the Sam Adams frames could retail anywhere from $400 to $1,000.

EDA's got its eyes set on even brighter stars next: Vu says the company is doing custom 'specks for rock star Bruno Mars, and is delievering them by hand to his show in St. Louis.

Adams didn't immediately return a call for comment.