The Dandy Warhols at the 2003 Rock am Ring Festival in Nurberg, Germany:

"I remember this show specifically because the crowd size was limited by that dense grove of trees in the back.  Turns out that's the only real problem with Rock Am Ring: only about 50,000 people can see the show at a time.  This left another 50,000-plus folks super pissed off that they didn't get to see us after spending their last 500 deutchmarks in hopes of witnessing the only guitar band known to rock anything besides grunge or rap-rock at that time. They railed and they rioted, to no avail, and when the deafening roar of the front 50,000 died down the eerie wails and moans of the less fortunate cast a dark and dismal spell over the lush green countryside of that medieval land. I'll never forget it. Ever." —Courtney Taylor-Taylor, The Dandy Warhols singer-guitarist.

Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia