It's almost July in Portland, and it's still raining. Big surprise, right? Well, cheer up, because, based on the upcoming forecast, summer is right around the corner. And when that big bright thingy in the sky finally does decide to smile upon us, Portland rapper Tope has made a jam for you to bump. 

The song, "Family Affair," is a funky bass rattler built off a Cheryl Lynn sample that has been severely abused by its use in shampoo commercials over the years. Not many hip-hop producers could mess with it, but Tope, who has grown into quite the beatmaker, uses claps and heavy kicks to give it some much-needed umph. Grynch and Spac3man, two Seattle MCs, show up for the party, and it turns into an all-Interstate-5 affair. The song is off Tope's upcoming EP, Trouble Man, which drops July 9.