The punny title of this new tune from soul-punk quartet Magic Mouth doesn't do justice to the music barely contained under its moniker. Because "Swampy Seconds" is one of those songs that explodes from your speakers/earbuds/headphones/mind grapes like an M-80. 

The track, to be found on a 12" to be released soon on Fast Weapons Records, is another assured leap forward by this Portland band—one of the city's best according to our cadre of voters—and provides another showcase for earthshaking vocalist Stephfon Bartee to testify.  

What sends this song flying though is that popping bass line from Brendan Scott. It struts all over this rave up with the cocky confidence of the late Stax session player Donald "Duck" Dunn, but with the spare precision of former Gang of Four member Dave Allen. Post-punk funk? Yes, indeed.