Wednesday, July 24

Yak Attack, World's Finest

[ELECTRO-FUSED JAM] Goodfoot regulars Yak Attack are fresh-squeezed, organic electro of the best varietal. Rowan Cobb, Dave Dernovesk and Devin Weston pull together loops, samples and jams in a live experimental smorgasbord of smooth, danceable sound. Improvisations make every show unique, so catching two of their sets within a couple weeks of each other at the Goodfoot does not equal a scene from Groundhog Day. Joining the bill is World's Finest, a dub-punk-reggae-bluegrass mash-up (which probably needs to be heard to be understood), and the Mimi Naja and Jay Cobb Duo, of Northwest Americana outfit Fruition. GRACE STAINBACK. Goodfoot Lounge, 2845 SE Stark St., 503-239-9292. 9 pm. $6. 21kknd.

We the Kings, Breathe Carolina, T. Mills, The Ready Set, Keep It Cute

[DECLINE AND FALL OUT BOY] If not quite pop-punk royalty, We the Kings at least earned invitations to court with their 2008 debut’s breakout single, “Check Yes Juliet.” The breezily infectious summer sing-along went platinum down under, soundtracked lesser CW soaps, and made its way to, er, Lego Rock Band. Upon the stalled momentum of a subsequent release along the same Blink 182 highway, however, the quartet rather decisively turned from the dimming alt-rock horizon toward more temperate climes. After the shimmering acoustic strums and lobotomized lyrics of third album Sunshine State of Mind, talk of Pete Wentz collaborations gave way to Radio Disney duets, but combos founded amid Florida middle schools could wish upon worse stars than the keys to the Magic Kingdom. JAY HORTON. Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell St., 284-8686. 7 pm. $20 advance, $23 day of show. All ages.

Thursday, July 25

Hot Victory, Lozen, Qi

[DRUM-ON-DRUM] It's been a while since Portland has heard from Deelay Ceelay, the instrumental electro-dance project anchored by two live drummers. Never fear, fans of dueling percussion: Hot Victory's blinking cosmic soundscapes, augmented by the double-helix thump'n'crash of Caitlin Love and Ben Stoller should be enough to satiate your needs. At least until that Drumgasm album comes out, anyway. Record Room, 8 NE Killingsworth St. 8 pm. $5. 21kknd.

Myke Bogan, Stewart Villain, Serge Servere 

[HAZE-HOP] For a dude who apparently tokes his own body weight on a weekly basis, Portland MC Myke Bogan stays creating at a rapid clip. He dropped his last mix tape, Monkeys on the Beach, back in March, and is already back with another one. Pretty Hesh is deliberately designed for summer-time cool-out sessions, with airy, lightheaded beats and subject matter dedicated strictly to Bogan's favorite topics. Namely, "cheap beer, women and weed." Don't let the good vibes fool you, though: As Reed Jackson pointed out in his review of Monkeys on the Beach, Bogan is a "sad clown rapper," mixing pleasure and pain into a particularly potent cocktail. This is, oddly enough, the South Dakota-born rapper's first-ever local show since moving here last year. Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave., 248-2900. 9 pm. $6. All ages.

Saturday, July 27

Hossein Alizadeh & Pejman Haddadi 

[PERSIAN CLASSICAL] This intimate venue, with the audience sitting either at tables or on the floor, should provide a sweet setting for the renowned improvisations of Grammy nominee Alizadeh, one of the world's masters of the tar and setar, the beautiful strummed and plucked lutes. He'll be accompanied on the tombak drum by another Iranian virtuoso, Haddadi, in a program of heart-tugging Persian traditional music. BRETT CAMPBELL. Tabor Space, 5441 SE Belmont, 683-1214. 6:30 pm. Sold out.

Tuesday, July 30

Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Sean And Zander

[SHERYL CROW MEDICINE SHOW] If bringing a brass section along the bluegrass circuit seemed a daft notion five years back, Holy Ghost Tent Revival successfully demonstrated the HORDE hordes will shimmy along to the poppiest strains of any century-old idioms, however mismatched. But any inventive whimsy shining through their first blend of Dixieland, string-band and Squirrel Nut Zippers-styled defiant eccentricity has evidently given way to the warmed-over soul-funk posturings that dampen last year's Sweat Like The Old Days. Collecting fans of every shade of American popular music purposefully distant from that devil rock'n'roll, the NPR-sanctioned, dinner-party-approved North Carolina combo effectively proves back-asswards corollary of the Adult Album Alternative presumption that a small army of mismatched instrumentalists lends troubadours of a certain age the trappings of authenticity.  Mess with the horns, you get the bullshit. JAY HORTON. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., 288-3895. 9 pm. $8. 21kknd