Another bit of good press to put Oregon on the map: Derrick Mosley, 22, is accused of attempting to rob a gun store with a bat.

Mosley not only made Slate's "Dumb Criminal of the Week," but was awarded the title "dumbest dumb criminal of them all" by Justin Peters, the writer of the column.

Police say Mosley went to Discount Gun Stores in Beaverton and tried to hold the place up with his bat.

"It's generally not a good idea to try to rob a gun shop, unless you are in a tank, or are yourself some sort of bulletproof robot," Peters writes. "Mosley could've made things easier on himself by picking an easier target, like a Jo-Ann Fabrics, or the Good Ship Lollipop."

Mosley's July 25th robbery attempt ended when the store manager drew his gun. Mosley was being held on the floor at gunpoint when the cops arrived, news reports say.

He's being held in the Washington County Jail with on $2,000 bail, the county's website says.