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Hopskotch SunDAY
authors and artists to talk about their work, give advice to aspiring zine-makers, and trade their publications with one another. WW brought back this video that shows the range of work on display.

Julie Sabatier, creator, producer and host of radio show "Destination DIY," which airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting, had a table, complete with golden headphones for passerby to listen to the program’s latest edition, about a local man DIY-ing his own spacesuit. She also brought her own zines, including “How to Make Radio (And a Little Bit About How to Make Beer).”

“Zines are like currency here,” she said. “If you have a zine, you have access to almost everyone else’s. So when I go on a big trip, I don’t bring a book, I bring a bunch of zines.”

Portland Zine Symposium from wweek.vimeo on Vimeo.