The "Where's Waldo" Bandit, convicted bank robber Ryan Michael Homsley, was back in the news this week, suspected of another heist in Southwest Portland.

Homsley, 32, gained notoriety in 2010 when he committed a string of bank robberies in the Portland area. His dark hair, thick black glasses and striped shirt earned him the nickname (and a spot on our top 10 favorite bandit names list).

Police arrested Homsley today for a federal parole violation and as a suspect in a robbery Monday at a U.S. Bank branch at 410 Southwest Harrison St.

Homsley faces the prospect of more prison time. He put his last jail stint to good use: drawing and publishing his own zine.

Homsley released a series called Cloud Factory in conjunction with a Bend zine writer Laura Walker.


It got a favorable review from at least one critic.

Website "One Minute Zine Review" had this to say in February 2012: "Ryan generously shares glimpses into his daily life and thoughts. Ryan's artwork is surreal and edgy. His essays are nuanced and poetic. Ryan and Laura pose one another questions and slowly through the written word and the magic of mail, both create a strong connection. Readers of Cloud Factory are witness to the beauty of an unfolding communication."

The zine, drawn with his prison-issued pens, is still for sale in some spots, running about $4 a copy.