Portland may be the city parodied for always saying "no, you go" at a four-way stop, but that isn't stopping the Downtown Public Safety Advisory Committee from holding its first civility summit.

"We know you share our concern about the livability on our city streets, sidewalks, public transportation and park areas," an email invite to neighborhood groups reads. "We have each encountered countless examples of rude, unsavory, and even threatening behaviors walking around downtown Portland. It's become enough of an issue that many businesses are concerned about their viability, and it increasingly affects Portland's reputation with locals, tourists, visiting businesses and others."

Portland Civility Summit—tagline: "Civility Improves Livability for All"—will include a presentation and discussion on the problems, show potential solutions and then discuss how neighbors can help.

It's the latest step in a civility campaign DPSAC launched earlier this year. (The movement got a fairly lengthy write-up by The Oregonian in March).

The task force includes Portland Police Central Precinct Commander Bob Day; Lynnae Berg of Downtown Clean and Safe; Suzanne Hayden of Citizens Crime Commission and representatives from several faith and nonprofit groups. 

The Portland Civility Summit is set for 6 pm, Oct. 1, at Portland State University's Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom, 1825 SW Broadway. There's an RSVP link here.