In honor of City of Bridges, our cover photo essay of Portland's many bridges in the current issue of Willamette Week, we're holding an Portland Bridges photo contest on Instagram, among the many terrific photographers in Portland.

Entering is easy. First, take a picture featuring any of Portland's bridges—in one way or another. This could be a beautiful picture capturing the bridges' simple majesty or a perspective on the bridge that most haven't seen, or it could be a gritty cultural document. As long as the picture hasn't been published elsewhere, it's fair game.

Next, post it to your Instagram account and tag the picture with #wwbridges before noon on Monday, October 14. (Note: some of you may have seen an October 11 deadline for this contest. We've decided to extend the deadline to give y'all an extra weekend.) 

The winner gets a $100 gift certificate to Bar Bar, and gets their picture printed in the newspaper on October 16. The runner-up gets a $50 certificate.

Simple as that. We look forward to seeing what you capture.