Oregon United for Marriage is cleaning up sporty-type endorsements for its campaign to overturn the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage this week, with adidas America announcing today it supports the campaign.

"Marriage is an important, individual choice that should be extended to everyone," adidas America Vice President Paul Ehrlich. "It is time to recognize this important human right by affirming the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Oregon. Inclusion and diversity are important tenets for our company and employees and we want to extend those values across this state.  We are proud to support Oregon United for Marriage in its campaign to extend the freedom to marry to loving, committed couples, no matter their gender."

Adidas is the largest business to join the endorsement list for the 2014 initiative that will ask voters to overturn 2004's Measure 36, a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. 

Last Friday, the Portland Timbers and Thorns announced their teams were also supporting the campaign. Not to be outdone the Portland Trail Blazers said they're endorsing the initiative later in the day. Columbia Sportswear also said it is behind Oregon United for Marriage earlier this month.

Perhaps the move by adidas will goad its rival-in-sports-shoes, Nike, to make an announcement of its own. So far, the Beaverton-based company hasn't said if it supports the campaign. 

A Nike corporate spokeswoman did not immediately return WW's calls for comment.