If that pesky earthquake ever hits, it's encouraging to know that comment board trolling isn't limited to the web in Portland.

Consider this exchange of ideas, taped to a brick wall at a location we're still trying to identify. According to a thread on Reddit, several city residents recently decided to weigh in on the filming of the NBC TV show Grimm.

The popular show, filmed in and set in the city, often shuts down streets for filming. The show, which returns for its third season this Friday, enjoys healthy subsidies from the state to shoot here.

This time, the inconvenience was too much.

Up first is the original cranky poster: "If you are sick and tired of the fairy tale, goofy monster show 'Grim' (sic) shutting down our neighborhood, e-mail them!" someone writes. "Also send one to City Hall. Amanda Fritz really pays attention to constituents."

Under that, in pure Internet fashion (ie: off topic and using emoticons) brought to life on a dead tree, someone writes: "Esp if ur a hobo! Complain about the Section 8 parking across the street! :("

Someone then attaches a piece of paper of his or her own, taking the side of those spooky monsters: "If you like having an economy with lots of employed people in it, you can email Amanda Fritz and voice your support for the Oregon production community."


Naturally, the post has sparked the same back-and-forth on Reddit's comment threads—right where it belongs.