Every Friday, LocalCut collects the week's new Portland music and puts it all in one place for you, the faithful reader, to enjoy. It's like MTV's The Week In Rock, with less Tabitha Soren.

1. Souvenir Driver, "Kiss You Close"

Souvenir Driver's new full-length album, Living Water, isn't out until April 2014, but the band is slowly (very slowly) leaking tracks, one by one, and making them available for a month at a time. The first is this song, which threads the sparse, icy grooviness of Joy Division of the XX through a tune as darkly romantic as its title suggests. The song is available for purchase at the group's Bandcamp until Dec. 3, with an option to pre-order the album, which will available once they can fund the vinyl order.

2. Dramady, "Deadlines"

Dramady is the duo of Amanda Wiles and Zacery Stanley, creators of hooky, keybord-driven pop. This cut, from their album, Answer Only to the Sea (out Tuesday), features little more than drums and a buzzing, distorted synth, but it's carried by Stanley's warm, winsome vocal melody and simple, insistent groove. The band's record release show is Nov. 15 at Kenton Club. 

3. Autistic Youth, "Not For Me"

Dirtnap signees Autistic Youth also have a new record, with the very Descendents-y title Nonage, coming out Nov. 12. This new song is a tight, anthemic, hardcore fist-pumper, with a sing-along chorus that'll go over really well live in a hot, humid basement club, methinks.

3. Tope featuring Luck One and Scarub, "New Day (Remix)"

The original version of this track, featured on Tope's Trouble Man EP, already had a verse from Portland's other current rap ruler, Luck One. Well, for the remix, Tope's gone ahead and added underground icon Scarub of Living Legends. 'Cause why not make a good thing even better?

5. King Tarahumara, "La Tierra"

Whaddya know, Papi Fimbres has a new project! This one is a collaboration with fellow prolific Portlander, Kevin Leigh Robinson (Viva Voce, Blue Giant, Electric Ill). It sounds a bit like Papi's Paper/Upper/Cuts, mixing a cut-up Latin rhythm with dub-like sonic accoutrements. This teaser tracks reminds me a bit of the awesome, underrated Los Lobos spinoff the Latin Playboys. Apparently, the pair have recorded three EPs worth of material, the first of which drops Nov. 17.