Dave Dahl, the co-founder of Dave's Killer Bread is in jail this morning after allegedly ramming three Washington County Sheriff patrol cars, injuring one deputy, and running from police.

Dave's Killer Bread, made in Milwaukie, has boomed from a small farmers market business to a household staple in Oregon—and the loaves were marketed on Dahl's redemption story from a man who spent 15 years in prison to a successful baker.

His motto: "Just say no to bread on drugs."

UPDATE: Killer Bread employees also called the cops on Dahl yesterday—and Dahl isn't allowed on company property, Milwaukie police say. 

Police say employees called 911(audio), saying Dahl had reportedly entered the business, verbally intimidated employees and punched a display board before leaving the property. He left before police arrived, and cops found no evidence of a crime being committed.

"He's having a breakdown," an employee tells a dispatcher. "He went into the store and smashed a life-size cut out of himself, because he's the symbol of the brand."

When asked if Dahl is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the employee says, "I don't know."

Original post: According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, deputies last night responded to a disturbance call from a woman saying that Dahl, 50, was acting erratically at her Cedar Hills home.

Here's from the release:

When deputies arrived they encountered a black Cadillac Escalade leaving the area. At the same time, the dispatcher told them that Mr. Dahl had left the house in a black Escalade.  Before the deputies turned on their emergency lights, Mr. Dahl rammed one of the patrol cars head on, disabling it. He then drove away with another patrol car in pursuit.Mr. Dahl would not stop for the deputy and at several points slammed on his brakes trying to get the deputy to hit the rear of his vehicle.  At SW Scenic Drive and SW Scenic Drive Court, Mr. Dahl rammed another patrol car head on, disabling that car as well. He backed up and rammed the car a second time while the deputy was still in the car.  Mr. Dahl was about to back up again when another deputy rammed him from behind and pinned the Escalade in between the two patrol cars.The deputies, one of them injured from being assaulted by Mr. Dahl in the crash, attempted to get Mr. Dahl to exit his vehicle.  Mr. Dahl refused and was pulled out of the vehicle by the deputies.  Mr. Dahl resisted arrest and fought with the deputies.  A Taser was used during the struggle with Mr. Dahl, but it had little effect.  He was eventually taken into custody and sustained non-life-threatening injuries while resisting arrest. Three deputies were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  Mr. Dahl was also transported to the hospital.  Everyone was treated and released.

Dahl has assaulted police officers before and served several stints in prison for burglary and other crimes stemming from an addiction to methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

As KATU reported in 2010, he told a reporter: "When I assaulted the police, I did it because I didn't want to live. I wanted to die right there in the street."

Dahl is booked in Washington County Jail on charges of second degree assault, assaulting a police officer, attempting to elude a police officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and reckless driving.