Breaking news that may disappoint several literally minded and easily confused people who bike to work on Southeast Clinton Street.

WW has confirmed that Pearl Jam is not playing the tiny 98-year-old Clinton Street Theater on Wednesday.

Even though the band has three days off between its Oakland and Portland shows, the theater across from Dot's Cafe will just be showing the Pearl Jam documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, which was released in September 2011.

Your remaining options:

You can read Casey Jarman's old review here. Twenty was graded a 70 on the now-obsolete Aaron Mesh Movie Rating Systemâ"¢, which means it was judged better than 70 percent of every movie ever made.

You can see the Twenty trailer below.

You can buy limited or obstructed view tickets—only $69.50 each!—for the Pearl Jam show which will actually be happening at the Moda Center on Friday through this non-Ticketmaster ticket retailer.

Or you can buy tickets to the Twenty screening at the Clinton Street for $10 here.