Portland's favorite mustard is made in a Hillsboro mustard factory.

Perhaps you have heard of Beaverton Food's Beaver Brand Mustard? This successful local food product is ubiquitous around town—actually, it's in the majority of American grocery stores—and has a loyal following. It is very spicy and also very delicious. Are there other things to know about Beaver Brand Mustard? For no particular reason, and without any specific time peg, we asked Beaver Brand mustard spokesman Dom Biggi many questions about his company's mustard. Here are his answers.

Willamette Week: How long has Beaver Brand mustard been around?
Is Beaver Brand mustard made in either an underground bunker in Hillsdale or a drafty old house in the Central Eastside?
Do grocers stock Beaver Brand mustard?
Are you able to safely cook batches of your spicy varieties on consecutive days without fearing that the lingering essence of habanero stings your eyes and nostrils?
Do you have obsessive fans?
Do Portland-area restaurants stock your product?
Have you ever had reports of anyone stealing the bottles of mustard from a restaurant where it is served?
Do you ever have someone dress in a beaver costume to promote Beaver Brand mustard?