Our sorta weekly roundup of gossip about new openings and change-ups in the bar and restaurant biz, courtesy of OLCC license applications:

Because you can never have just one: Mextiza's Oswaldo Bibiano is making uno mas Uno Mas taquiza on the west side, at 1914 W. Burnside St., in a low-visibility space inhabited for just three months this year by the Portland Urban Bistro, next to a condo-complex Dollar Tree. Before that, Soi 9 hung on for a couple years, as did Iyara Thai before it. But Bibiano's name nonetheless brings its own advertisement. 

As first reported by Willamette Week a month ago, Little Big Burger is getting a spot at 2030 SE Hawthorne Blvd., at the location of the old Blue Pig.

In other Latin American food news, a Chilean-inflected spot called Los Andes has apparently popped up in Tigard at 7100 SW Hampton St., with a menu that--per their Facebook page--includes cazuelas, carbonada, chilean salads and empanadas.

The Milwaukie landmark Dolphin III strip club down in Milwaukie, at 17180 SE McLoughlin Blvd., will change hands to Carmine Milicia, owner of a small chain of "gentleman's clubs" called The Gold Club based out of Philadelphia. Looking back, it appears that after a citation for allowing "lewd conduct" in 2003, Milicia's flagship spot was dinged multiple times for being a bad/nonexistent restaurant. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Commission seemed particularly miffed by the lack of silverware.

Lovejoy Bakers put in for a beer and wine license at their previously announced second location along the Southwest Waterfront, at 3159 SW Moody Ave.

Deception Brewery in Dundee, Oregon, promises honest ales, including a Belgian Wit, a Rose Hip Saison and an Apricot Cream.

Forest Grove looks to be getting a distillery with a cute origin story in Flooded Fox Den Distillery. The distillery, which will make gin, a hazelnut liquor and two kinds of rum, was apparently named after a fox in the yard of Flooded Fox founder Scott Lester. The fox's den got flooded every time it rained, so it had to hang out outside, sopping wet. But it kept on going back into the same dang hole. 

Weirdly, two separate businesses in two different cities both want to be called The Living Room this week: The Living Room Bistro in Oregon City, and The Living Room Wine Cafe in Seaside. Neither appears to have any association with Portland' Living Room Theaters

The cider boom continues, with Sean Kelly and Chason McLelland applying together to form a craft cidery in Eugene called Rebels Grove. No word on whether they're Ole Miss fans.

Bill's Steakhouse at 10227 NE Sandy Blvd. will be changing hands to Keatchhay "Katie" Tea. The previous owner was named Barbara. The steakhouse will still be called "Bill's."