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Strain Review: Super Silver Haze

super_silver_haze-rosebudSuper Silver Haze - Courtesy of Rosebud Wellness Center
Cannabis in Portland will one day be like every other consumable in Portland. Which is to say, some people will produce great marijuana, others will not, and the jet set will decide which legends live on. Like bacon jam and double IPAs, the quality of your bud will depend on the grower. We’ll aim to shine a spotlight on the growers who’ve made Oregon a world-class stop on the Marijuana Express. (The Marijuana Express is a metaphorical train.)


Grower: Eco Firma Farms

Super Silver Haze is a frosty sativa with long ginger danglies, and it seemed as good a place to start as any since sativas are totally my jam. I chalk it up to the satisfying hum of energy. The point is, Super Silver Haze is simply marvelous. The smoke tastes like a fungi-covered log smoking against another, fresher log on an open campfire. Against vastly more aromatic strains, Super Silver Haze wouldn’t classify as “tasty”, but the smoke is satisfying nonetheless. The high is schoolbell clear with buoyant optimism, like an ideal anti-depressant. Creativity waxes and wanes, but at times quite insightful. My one complaint regards detail-oriented tasks, which became considerably more challenging. This is a strain for floating through a day of free-associating, not flipping through a stack of manifest sheets. One of SSH’s other pleasant surprises is a relaxing press on the body. This is a strain you play ball with and marvel at your own fluidity. This is an amazing all-round strain.

Available at Rosebud Wellness Center.

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