The New York Times Book Review seems to have run out of authors to interview in its weekly question-and-answer session. So this week, the paper turned to Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. 

In the interview, Cranston, who played the meth-dealing former high school chemistry teacher Walter White in the recently completed series,  gave a response that should make bookseller Michael Powell happy, although it would have been better for the store if Cranston had been more definitive about Powell's being very much a going concern.

Here's what the actor said:

NYT: Describe your ideal reading experience (when, where, what, how). Cranston: While shooting in Portland, Ore., I got the pleasure of discovering Powell’s Books, an enormous old bookstore (which I hope still exists) and stayed there the entire day. I just curled up in a comfy chair and read. They had a cafe in the store that I frequented. What joy. I suppose it helped that it was a rainy day. Rain creates a Pavlovian response in me to relax with a good book. I find that peace at our beach house, and created a cozy nook just for that purpose. I admit that I am driven to work and have to remind myself that reading is not an indulgence or a luxury. I have to improve that aspect of my life.