'Tis the season for giving…yourself free local music!

Aptly-named local blog Wants To Give You has asked bands new, old and defunct to contribute albums and songs (also both new and old) for free downloads during the holidays. 

Material uploaded so far includes albums from bands whose names will ring familiar to old-school scenesters, including Junior Private Detective, Swim Swam Swum, Curse of the Carousel Pony and Tranquilazer; historical oddities such as the 2003 self-titled record from Junkface, which formed in New York and featured future STRFKR Josh Hodges; and still-ongoing projects such as Formica Man.

Blog author Aaron Robert Miller says there's about 20 or so more releases to come between now and the end of December. So set those bookmarks to here and get to downloading. After all, it's better to give than to receive, but when you can do both at one time—well, that's the greatest gift of all.