Oh, the foodies do get to talking. A lot of rumors and different versions have been floating around surrounding the long-beloved Saint Cupcake's planned closing on December 31 of this year, in part because the situation isn't cut and dried. An Oregonian article about the closing—which was first rumored at portlandfoodanddrink.com—went up on their website, then disappeared from the site within a half hour, then resurfaced again with promises of future details. 

So, a breakdown, according to employees at the Morrison and Belmont locations:

  • 1) The West End Saint Cupcake at 1138 SW Morrison will close permanently, and, according to employees at the Morrison store, will be replaced by a Portland Creamery storefront. (Portland Creamery has not yet responded to requests to confirm.)
  • 2) The southeast Saint Cupcake will also close temporarily on December 31, and will re-open a week later as an outpost of Saint Cupcake owner Jami Curl's Quin confectionary. However! Quin will still serve cupcakes, alongside a mess of lovely candy.
  • 3) The West End Quin location will stay open.
  • 4) The 1138 SW Morrison locations will re-open as a pop-up shop for one day only, on Valentine's Day of 2014.
This concludes our report. Godspeed.