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Thursday, Dec. 19

Din Din Craft Fair

Following suit with luxury stores that have a champagne flute at the ready every time they catch a lingering whiff of Chanel No. 5, Courtney Sproule's Din Din is hosting a craft fair with snacks and wine and cocktails. So you're appropriately buttered up with (potentially) hot buttered drinks while you're sifting through jewelry and leather and assorted items from local sorts like Emily Katz, Tomahawk and Annie McLaughlin. Also, something we didn't know that we learned from their press release? Din Din has a "curator." Her name's Keia Booker. Huh. Din Din Supper Club, 920 NE Glisan St., 971-544-1350. 4-8 pm. $10.

Friday, Dec. 20

Festibus Tour

The Portland Short Bus—so named because it's a bus, and it's short—will be taking people around to look at all the pretty, pretty lights at Portland International Raceway and Peacock Lane, interspersed with liquor at various bars. Because, honestly, the pretty lights are only all that pretty when you a) have children with you or b) are ragingly drunk and don't actually have to deal with the traffic. Mandatory gift exchange. BYOBooze. My Father's Place, 523 SE Grand Ave., 971-209-2859. 7 pm. Sold out. 21kknd.

Saturday, Dec. 21

Amnesia Solstice Sendoff

You're going to need the beer. Somehow it's not actually winter until this day. Which, given the current lazy state of the mercury, is depressing as hell. It means it's getting even colder. Also? As winter rolls in, Amnesia Brewing will be rolling out, to Washougal, Wash., exclusively. (One of their brewers, A. Rob Lutz, will be taking over the space and brewing a beer called Stormbreaker.) Beers from Double Mountain, Burnside, 10 Barrel and craploads more will be there. The event is a benefit for the cancer treatment of Brewpublic's Angelo De Ieso II—so at least something, hopefully, gets better today. Amnesia Brewing Company, 832 N Beech St., 281-7708. Noon-10 pm. $10, includes a commemorative glass and five drink tickets. $1 additional tickets. 21kknd.

Tuesday, Dec. 24

Cheap-Ass Christmas Eve

Look, Christmas is freaking expensive. So when the friends are in town and wanting to drink the local Portland brew, do so cheaply. Every week EastBurn has between six and 10 of its 19 taps dialed back to $2.50 a pint. And dear lord, there is no better time to be a penny-pinching drunk who drinks good beer than on Christmas Eve. Remember when you made off like a bandit every Christmas? Like, relatives you didn't even know gave you money, and that's pretty much all you heard from them? That was awesome, but it's over. Now you're the one sending checks in the mail, and you're drinking $2.50 beers. Merry Christmas. EastBurn, 1800 E Burnside St., 236-2876. 4 pm-2 am. $2.50 per beer.