Peter Lewis, the billionaire founder of Ohio-based Progressive Insurance, was really committed to marijuana legalization in Oregon.

How committed?

On Nov. 18, just five days before Lewis died of natural causes at the age of 80, he sent $64,000 to New Approach Oregon, which is gathering signatures for a 2014 marijuana legalization measure. That contribution brings Lewis' 2014 contributions to the campaign to $96,000. The campaign itself has raised $253,000 this year. (Because campaigns currently have 30 days to report contributions, Lewis' latest check only showed up in filings this week). Lewis had been outspoken in his opposition to current U.S. drug laws.

New Approach is backed by the same people who won legalization in Colorado and Washington last year and has hired a bunch of experienced political hands to do the same in Oregon, including Gard Communications, a PR firm; Oxley and Associates, a lobbying firm; and political strategist Mark Wiener.