Still dilly-dallying over your New Year's Eve plans? Here's a comprehensive list of tonight's most notable concerts. Call venues to check on ticket availability. And happy 2014!

David Grisman Folk Jazz Trio, Darol Anger, Scott Law, Tony Furtado (7 and 10 pm)

[GYPSY JAZZ] Mandolinist David Grisman has been working in American music since before he appeared on the Grateful Dead's American Beauty in 1970. And it's seven years after that outing, with the release of his first quintet album, that Grisman helped codify a unique approach to bluegrass, taking cues from jazz as much as Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. Players on that 1977 disc and its follow-up a year later ostensibly serve as a roster of current newgrass stars. Now, though, Grisman tours with his son, Sam, on bass and guitarist Jim Hurst as the Folk Jazz Trio. Darol Anger, another bluegrasser known to cover compositions by Thelonius Monk, is slated to open. DAVE CANTOR. Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta St., 719-6055. 7 and 10 pm. $45-$65. Under 21 permitted with legal guardian.

Reva DeVito, Hustle and Drone, Holler and Oats, Montel Spinoza

[LOST SOUL] Last year, after scoring a spot on WW's Best New Band list and injecting the local neo-soul scene with some much-needed slinky siren songs, songstress Reva DeVito left us for L.A.—probably due to that whole soul-is-underserved-and-overlooked thing here. That robbed us of weekly ops to take in her future-sexy blend of hip-hop and R&B. But now, following some studio work in San Francisco, one of PDX's most invigorating live acts returns with new material in hand. If things go as they should in the City of Angels, we should all really take advantage of these appearances—we won't have many opportunities to get this close to her. AP KRYZA. Dig a Pony, 736 SE Grand Ave. 8 pm. $15. 18+.

Weinland NYE Supergroup, Old Light

[DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION] The world at large rings in the New Year with a big, glowing ball and Ryan Seacrest's big, weird smile. Here in Portland, we have Weinland's NYE Supergroup, in which the beloved indie-rock band teams with a 20-plus-strong army of secret guests who may or may not play with the likes of Neko Case, the Dandy Warhols, Old Light and Blitzen Trapper to fire out an onslaught of familiar dance tunes. In the past, that's included hits from Stevie Wonder to Bowie, the Beastie Boys and Prince. In addition, the group has scoured the local karaoke scene and will give special amateur guests the chance to front the band. There are parties, and then there's this—which is to say: Suck it, Seacrest! AP KRYZA. Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside St., 231-9663. 9 pm. $23. 21+.

Le1f, Shy Girls, Phone Call, Pwrhaus, Miracles Club DJs, DJ SPF666, DJ Kiffo, Radiation City DJs, Four Eels

[QUEER HIP-HOP] Le1f has a demanding presence. Playing with his own identity, he bends through both gender- and music-related stereotypes. His uninhibited personal attitude creates liberated takes on dance and hip-hop, with beats glitchy and mesmerizing. He is not for the prudish at heart, and should make for an excellent passage into 2014—which is to say nothing of his local support, which includes alt-R&B troupe Pwrhaus; Phone Call, a spinoff of nu-disco heroes Strength; and Portland's Best New Band, Shy Girls. LYLA ROWEN. Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St., 239-7639. 8 pm. $25. 21+.

Black Pussy, Gaytheist, Diesto 

[NEW YEAR'S RAWKIN' EVE] This show is a massive deal for a few reasons—mainly, it's because Black Pussy, Gaytheist and Diesto are all in one place. Also, it's New Year's Eve in Portland and you know the rock'n'rollers are gonna go nuts. But mostly this show is huge because Black Pussy—Portland's resident desert-rock, stoner-pop, '70s-swaggering heathens, is playing its first show in town since August. In addition to performing songs from forthcoming Brant Bjork-produced album Less Info More Mojo, the band will also bust out new tunes no one's ever heard, and likely play some old favorites as well. Missing out on this would not feel good. CAT JONES. Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick St., 285-3718. 9 pm. Free. 21+.

Surfer Blood, Wild Ones, AgesandAges

[INDIE SURF ROCK] Riding the wave to fame with the release of its 2010 LP, Astro Coast, Surfer Blood has spent the past few years in the festival circuit, gaining widespread attention for its dreamy, Pavement-meets-surf hooks. Teaming with producer Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters) for their second album, Pythons, the West Palm Beach rockers maintain the sunny, floating layers of guitar that made them famous in the first place, only this time adding touches of grunge and revealing a darker underside in their lyrics—which, along with the vocals, often plead and yearn in a way that is decidedly not sunny at all. KAITIE TODD. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., 288-3895. 9 pm. $35. 21+.

Neon New Year Featuring Riff Raff

[NEON HIP-HOP] “Our reality has become experimental. Without destiny, modern man is left with an endless experimentation of himself.” While they’re the words of another transgressive theorist, Mr. Jean Baudrillard, hip-hop’s “neon icon” Riff Raff would agree. The Houston party rapper is such a shamelessly weird self-promoter that any criticism of his music is almost moot. Via an intermittently accented social media alter ego named Jody Highroller, Riff effortlessly makes his life into such a meme that his music—which is very hit or miss and experimental, in a sense—is supplemental. Case in point: Riff has released 18 official music videos so far in 2013, all strange, many bad. In the rap game, if at first you succeed, try, try and try again. MITCH LILLIE. Odyssey Event Space, 521 N Tillamook St., 999-0383. $40-$60. 9 pm. 18+.

Ural Thomas 

[PAIN-LESS SOUL] There is a significant chance that a 73-year-old man will be voted 2014's Best New Band. This was the year Portland rediscovered Ural Thomas, a soul singer who began his career singing on street corners back in the late '50s and who's been living in the same house off North Mississippi Avenue, hosting weekly jam sessions, for the last four decades. His recent, high-energy shows with his young backing band, the Pain, have been nothing less than life-affirming for those who've witnessed them. Thomas has more buzz behind him than almost any other artist in town right now, which makes this gig a New Year's Eve highlight despite the irregular venue. Word to the wise: This show is not with the Pain, but guys Thomas played with a few years before his rediscovery. No matter, though. It's Thomas' voice, and indelible presence, that's most crucial. MATTHEW SINGER. Radio Room, 1101 NE Alberta St., 287-2346. 9 pm. Free. 21+.

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Water Tower

[SINGER-SONGWRITER] This year saw the release of The Road Home EP for trio Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, an album that's positively light compared to last year's double LP, Happy Book, but no less heavy on the alt-country guitars, personal lyrics and Joseph's deep vocals. Subtle banjo and keys behind longing slide guitar find their way into songs like "The Road Home," while songs like "White Peaches" highlight Joseph's voice under simple drum shuffles. It might not be a new sound for the band, but with 30 years of experience under its belt, that's not necessarily a bad thing. KAITIE TODD. Star Theater, 13 NW 6th Ave. 9 pm. $20. 21+.

The Parson Red Heads, Giant Bug Village, Car Wash

[FOLK-ROCK TRIBUTE] New Year's is about looking behind as much as it is ahead—in this case, 40 years behind. Sporting a nine-piece lineup, retro rockers the Parson Red Heads—along with members of Blitzen Trapper, Pure Bathing Culture and Ryan Sollee of the Builders and the Butchers—are culling the covers. Sollee is donning his best gravel-throated Tom Waits impression, Car Wash is tackling the Joe Walsh repertoire and the Red Heads are set to play J.J. Cale's classic debut, Naturally, in full. BRANDON WIDDER. White Eagle Saloon, 836- N Russell St., 282-6810. 9:30 pm. $15. 21+. 

The Motet, Juno What

[FUNKY 2014] It’s surprising that Boulder’s beloved Afrobeat-funk-jam institution, the Motet, will pass the new year west of the Rockies. Portland must have made a good impression during the Motet’s summer appearance at the Wonder, because the multi-section beat machine will be back to welcome in 2014. While not jaw-droppingly progressive, the Motet—with a celebrated sound, avid fan base and a new album on the way—is a great musical celebration of the past and surely the future. Oh yeah, and its tagline is “Dance your ass off!” GRACE STAINBACK. Wonder Ballroom128 NE Russell St., 284-8686. 8 pm. $28. 21+.

Looking for something more danceable? Here is Mitch Lillie's guide to tonight's beat-based festivities:

Classiness level: High 
Joint twisting threat: High 
Sauerkraut scent level: High 
(9 pm, $10) 

Faux classiness level: You didn't get a table? 
Musical diversity: 0/10 
Musical quality: 7/10 
(9 pm, $50, tables $500) 

Official font: Ancient Aliens Sans
Underground points awarded: 17 
Venue Name Solidity Index: 0 
(8 pm, $5 before, $10 after 10 pm) 

Event planning level: Napoleonic 
Death arrival vector: From Above 
Disco house over/under (in percentage of tracks): 92 
(9 pm, $5) 

Dope level: Chill 
Tight level: Dope 
Chill level: Tight 
(9 pm, $100) 

Binary Musician Award, bro endorsement 
Decibels: LOL I didn't go this year, bro 
Female attendance: Low, bro 
(7 pm, $35, 18+)

Pop type: Synth 
Musical Drops (over/under): 0 
Charitable support level: Nick Johnson 
(9 pm, $20)

Local house scene cred: Immeasurable 
80s Pun Award Runner-Up 
Price point: wat 
(9 pm, $5)

Repeat number: 2 
DJ social class: God mode 
Style points: 2816 
(9 pm, free)