Portland rapper Cassow has a good eye. You can tell by the lens-flared, candy-painted album cover he chose for 2012's Future Classic. You can also tell by the quality of his videos, which usually try to infuse some color in our otherwise grey-toned city. His newest, "Let's Get Wealthy," is no different and perhaps his best yet. 

Directed by Noah Porter, who Cassow worked with on a short film to promote his latest mixtape, Cold Winter, the video paints a beautiful picture of Portland, complete with orange skylines, sweeping shots of the glass towers of the convention center and images of Cassow sweeping his soon to be opened chicken-and-waffles food cart. 

The audio aspect of it isn't so bad either: Over a harp-laced beat, Cassow spits deep quotables like, "Wrote a universe to describe me/What the fuck the world gonna tell me?" It's further proof that he's one of the top young rappers in Stumptown and worthy of much attention in 2014.