On Friday night, January 17, a group of twenty-somethings gathered to watch yet another Miley Cyrus parody, in a Rose Quarter warehouse party space called the Odyssey (521 N. Tillamook) that most recently held a party hosted by Riff Raff and Lil Debbie. 

But if Lil Debbie did Portland two weeks ago, this time it's Ron Jeremy doing Miley Cyrus in Portland. On a giant screen hung against the warehouse wall, Jeremy, the Hedgehog, co-owner of a Portland swingers' club, swung naked from a wrecking ball in a shot-by-shot remake of Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" music video.  

Jeremy plays the role of Cyrus, of course. Oh, and he sings. The whole song. Almost in key. 

On the face of it, of course, why wouldn't Ron Jeremy play Miley Cyrus in a movie? I mean: They're both rapidly aging pornstars, beloved for novelty. And they're both musicians: Jeremy's a crack piano player

Portland director Nathan Coltrane filmed the video in Portland at the Odyssey's production space The Spot in December, and the viewing party was meant as hello to the world by the production company, co-owned by Amber Smith and hip-hop emcee/producer/promoter MY-G. 

So without further ado, Ron Jeremy's Portland film debut, complete with frightening close-ups, unexpected sadness and a healthy dose of Jeremy's trademark hammy Catskills deadpan.

The best moment in the video, BTW? At 2:47, after a languorous interlude, Jeremy jumps with both feet and two raised fists into the chorus; he's either the happiest kid in the school play or a deranged B-movie murderer. You decide.