— A native Alaskan and noted Diplo amigo, Astronomar makes choppy house and club music that was apparently too good for his Seattle home: Last year, the producer uprooted to L.A. Astronomar is as unpredictable as he is genre-defying. He knows how to move butts, and will certainly do so at Holocene's Club Crooks on Friday, but also uses the type of cartoonish, left-field samples that make the dance floor smile. Our forecast for next year: Astronomar keeps orbiting south, infusing Acapulco with some wacky club jams. (9 pm, $5 before 11 pm, $8 after. 21+) 

—I like to imagine that Frack are Portland’s Daft Punk tribute band, the kind that emulates the stylings and aesthetics of their idols without closing out every set with “One More Time” as the double encore. They are, after all, a space-funk and pop-house-loving duo with a pair of gleaming robots as their main press photo. But some of their compositions verge on the acid-burned and dub-heavy, two directions not recently explored by the French duo. Whatever—let me keep my vain, weirdo tribute band fantasy. (9 pm Friday at Langano, Free, 21+) 

—Apartment Fox makes the type of airy, groovy, analog techno music normally reduced to 100 BPM and stuffed with airy builds or goofy, new-age vocal samples. Thankfully, the Portland producer steers far clear of that world, harkening back to the early days of dance music. Even rounded out by local acid master Acid Farm and dub techno DJ Invisible Ziggurat, this won’t be an insane rager—it’s at the Blue Monk, after all—but a Saturday night to chill and groove along. (9 pm, $5, 21+) 

— This Comic Con after-party says it will have the "son of Worf, son of Mogh" DJing, so a little explanation is necessary. Jonny P. Jewels is not actually the son of Michael Dorn—the actor who played Worf on Star Trek—but he is the former child actor known as John Paul Steuer of Grace Under Fire, who happens to be the first to play Alexander Rozhenko, Worf's often confused and alienated son. We doubt, but hope, that Jonny P. Jewels will be dressed in a full Klingon costume. Whatever the case, this promises to be the weirdest event of Saturday night: Cosplayers get half off White Owl Social Club’s well drinks all night. Qapla! (7 pm, Free, 21+)