Portland-via-Eugene art-noise duo Talkative has a new album on the horizon, titled Hot Fruit BBQ, and they’ve previewing the album with a new song and video titled “Rudy Huckleberry.” The song represents that familiar Portland-band ethos that every day is just is another hangout, where we make the mundane colorful. The track starts with a yelp and continues playfully, with lyrics that sound like, “We like to roll/We like to get fucked up/We don’t go home/We never grow old,” though it’s hard to tell—it’s all very garbled. In the accompanying video, the band hangs around near a bunch of balloons tantalizingly filled with color-tinted water, as skeletons ride bikes in a daze against the cloudy sky. As the song climaxes, the balloons are finally popped, and colors fill the screen. It reminds me of those hungover mornings when all your friends wake up on a hardwood floor, and all the greatest things that could ever possibly happen are indeed happening, right then and there. 

Hot Fruit BBQ is tentatively scheduled for release in June. Expect to see some fundraising events to help complete it in the near future.