WW contributing writer Mitch Lillie helps the discerning club-goer put together their weekly calendar by compiling Portland's best dance-music options for the next seven days. Turn up, tune in, drop the bass. 

(8 pm, $7, 21+)

— I wonder if DJ Shiva gets offended when people claim to have musical ADD. She actually does have medically diagnosed ADD and attributes it to her exploration of a variety of styles within the techno world. Though she definitely favors certain sounds—namely a tendency towards gravelly, buzzing synths—Shiva can get butts moving with the best of them. No doubt Friday night at Holocene’s Cock Block will be the same. (9 pm, free before 10 pm, $5 after, 21+)

— #Thread. Trash. Grimey. It’s not that you’re not cool enough to have heard of these parties, you’re just not Jersey enough. And if you’re thinking about Snooki right now, please crawl back into whatever MTV-defiled cultural abyss you came from. DJ Sliink has played those parties, and while they’re not all in Jersey, Sliink is the self-acclaimed king of the rollicking, pop remix-driven, club-happy genre of Jersey Club. Friday night, Sliink lights up Holocene with the Verified crew, and though a crazy Le Youth remix may make its way onto the decks, don’t bring the kids: Make them. (9 pm, $8 advance, $10 day of show, 21+)   
— Invisible Ziggurat, Erik Hanson and Sean Pierce Sumler will make for some surprises on a Wednesday night at Black Book. Sumler will play a live set, which usually entails minimal techno spattered with whatever he feels like, while Hanson, with an ear for minimal, explores the dubbier side in a DJ set. Invisible Ziggurat is a DJ who can equally blast industrial techno or play a chilled out dub set for the homey crowd at Beech St. Parlor. (9:30 pm, free, 21+)