Snow days are special in Portland. They make everything look so whimsical and pretty. They also shut shit down, so we don't have to go to work or take care of any responsibilities and can instead, like, drink whiskey and tie a sled to the back of a friend's van (not recommended).

One idea for today specifically is to visit the Belmont Bodega (2519 SE Belmont St.), where a tribute show for the late, great hip-hop producer J Dilla is scheduled for 10 pm tonight. Dilla, who would have been 40 today, got his start in Detroit soul-hop group Slum Village before going on to produce for greats like Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Common and Janet Jackson. He passed away in 2006 of a blood disease, but his melodic, sample-based beats, known for their off-kilter drum patterns and humming keyboards, have become legendary.

The show will feature local MC Soopah Eype (who also works as a clerk at the bodega) spinning a variety of Dilla classics, from his early work with Slum to his electronic and house-influenced instrumentals of the early 2000s. Soopah has even promised there will be doughnuts at the event—a tribute to Dilla's beloved Donuts project, which he crafted on his hospital bed shortly before passing.

The event could potentially serve as a perfect way to round out your snow day. Eating doughnuts while dancing inside a mini-mart to some beautifully-crafted hip-hop sounds pretty solid to me.