Here's some weekend reading for those of you without romantic ambitions: Outside magazine has found Portland's top Bigfoot hunters.

Robert Sullivan, the expatriate Portland writer who has chronicled rats, Thoreau and whale hunts, debuted the long article this week, spending time in the company of Sasquatch searchers across the Northwest—including the Western Bigfoot Society in St. Johns.

One big takeaway: Bigfoot researchers are a highly balkanized community, which has slowed their search.

Western Bigfoot Society founder Peter Byrne tells Outside that the squabbling is why believers haven't found the Big Guy yet.

"There are a number of rivalries in the Bigfoot field. Their principal basis is of course the belief that at the end of the Bigfoot rainbow there lies a pot of gold. ...[h]ad they over the years projected a fraction of the time and money that they spend vilifying each other on Bigfoot research [they] would surely have solved the mystery by now."

For more of Sullivan's highly involving piece—including how the St. Johns society greeted the theory that Bigfoot came from outer spacego here.