Today, the Oregon Senate paid tribute to the Oregon blues musician Curtis Salgado, who toured with acts such as Santana and Bonnie Raitt and was reportedly an inspiration for the Blues Brothers movie.

That honor is curious, because there are few topics that inspire lawmakers' ire and willingness to get tough on crime than adults who have sex with minors.

That's what Salgado pleaded guilty to in 1996.

His conviction came to light in an editor's note The Oregonian in 2006, shortly after the paper published a  profile of Salgado, who was then battling serious health problems.

Here's the editor's note that ran Oct. 29, 2006:


On Oct. 8, The Sunday Oregonian carried extensive coverage of prominent Portland musician

Curtis Salgado

. In the article, reporter Tom Hallman Jr. and photographer Ross

William Hamilton chronicled Salgado's quest for a lifesaving

liver transplant.

Salgado had been the subject of numerous articles in The Oregonian, but none included a fact that might be relevant

to readers deciding whether to contribute to fundraisers on his behalf. In 1996, Salgado, then 42, was


of a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, a girl authorities said was 16 when he

had sex with her a year or two earlier.

Salgado, who says he deeply regrets what he did, pleaded guilty and received probation. The conviction was a matter

of public record, which the newspaper should have reviewed for such extensive coverage.
unaware of the conviction