In six years, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival has boomed in size, and it's played a huge role in getting Portland on the standup map. This year, the fest is moving to May, when big-name national comedians and gobs of local comics will take over Hawthorne for four days. 

Today, comics were told who's been accepted to the festival.

Bridgetown organizer Maura Brown was not yet authorized to speak about the line-up. However, using social media and inside sources, we've compiled a preliminary list of local comics on the bill, including all of WW's Funniest 5. We will update the list as more information comes in.

And we're very sorry to Los Angeles Elite Yelper Sean Leary, who we hope will be funnier next year.

The only chance I have to get into the Bridgetown Comedy Festival is if every other comedian in the world quits for two months.— Sean Leary (@SeanPatrickLear) February 17, 2014
Here's who our sources indicate is in so far:

Amy Miller
Shane Torres
Bri Pruett
Zak Toscani
Phil Schallberger
Alex Falcone
Sean Jordan
Steven Wilber
Curtis Cook
Anthony Lopez
Adam Pasi
Anatoli Brant
Barbara Holm
JoAnn Schinderle
Nariko Ott
Jacob Christopher
Kristine Levine
Katie Nguyen
Stephen Wilber 
Tim Hammer 
Jordan Casner 
Randy Mendez 
Jeff Oliver

This year's festival takes place May 8-11.