Raymond Felton came to Portland long after the end of the Jail Blazers Era, but considering the antipathy Blazers fans still hold for the current Knicks point guard, you'd think he got caught smuggling weed through the airport right alongside Damon Stoudamire. Sure, the guy was out of shape, a bit of a locker-room cancer and never worth his salary, but it's not as if he, like, allegedly pointed some crazy-ass, armor-piercing handgun at his estranged wife.

No, he only started doing that kind of stuff after getting traded to New York. Allegedly.

Felton was arrested Tuesday on felony weapons charges after his wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, accused him of brandishing a high-powered semiautomatic pistol during a dispute with her, according to The New York Post. Raymondo-Felton—which sounds like the alias Ray-Ray uses to check into hotels while vacationing in Puerto Rico—turned the weapon, a Belgian-made FNH 5.7 x 28mm handgun, over to police and claimed that while Felton never used it to threaten her, he did have it in his hands as they argued at their apartment. The two are in the midst of a divorce.

"The gun is popular with military and police forces worldwide, and can be loaded with high-velocity ammo capable of piercing bullet-proof vests and other forms of body armor," writes The Post. The weapon is similar to the one used in the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, CNN reports.

According to The Post, Felton tried to turn the gun over to his divorce lawyer, who refused to take it on the grounds that "I don't think anybody is allowed to posses an unregistered, unlicensed firearm in the city of New York."

Felton was taken in custody a few hours after the Knicks' 110-108 loss to the Dallas Mavericks at Madison Square Garden, in which he had 8 points and 7 assists. Though he is no longer being charged with "menacing," he could face two counts of criminal weapon possession.

Fantasy owners, now is probably a good time to consider picking up backup Knicks guard Pablo Prigioni.