Ibrahim Mubarak, co-founder of the Right 2 Dream Too homeless village in downtown Portland, was arrested in Portland February 27. This was first reported by the Portland Mercury

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson says Mubarak was arrested at 10:25 pm after police were called by a downtown security company that encountered protest in response to the company's warnings about camping under the Burnside Bridge.

"I can confirm he was arrested," Simpson says. "He refused to give them his identity multiple times, and refused to leave the parking lot, so eventually, he was arrested." Mubarak was charged with trespassing, and interfering with a peace officer. He was booked into the Multnomah County Jail under his given name, Keith Jackson.

According to a Facebook announcement by Right 2 Dream Too, 

Portland police have came to this area on a nightly basis with multiple appearances through out the last few weeks. . An hour after the arrest the police were back " picking people out of the line they were sleeping in, and used 5 squad cars to block the street entrance to the driveway." Reports from people sleeping under the bridge say; they will do this all night and Clean and Safe then will appear at 6 am to start waking the sleepers,writing tickets and throwing away belongings.

The Right 2 Dream Too Facebook page posted video of the arrest.

Willamette Week 
troubled drug history and his efforts to lead the Dignity Village homeless encampment

The Portland City Council earlier this month voted to give Right 2 Dream Too more than $800,000 to find a new location. On Wednesday, WW obtained a list of 21 possible sites the city is considering for the camp.