The looming conflict between organized labor and its business-backed opponents on the November ballot appears to have been averted.

Labor-backed Our Oregon had filed several proposed tax increases for the fall, while opposing groups had filed measures that would have made it harder for unions to build membership and to collect dues. Had the measures gone forward, they would likely have resulted in the expenditure of many millions of dollars by both sides and a return to the rancor that marked the passage of the last round of income tax increases in 2010.

As of today, however, it appears that months of behind the scenes negotiations involving Gov. John Kitzhaber, labor leaders and business interests have resulted in both sides agreeing to abandon their measures. 

Tony Green, a spokesman for Secretary of State Kate Brown confirmed the withdrawal of a total 10 ballot measures.

"We received withdrawals for [Measures]  1, 9, 14-19, 29-30, 33 & 35," Green told WW via email.